What Penis Size Is Considered an Average One?

Manhood size is one of the most burning issues for each man even if it is a fringe concern. The men typically think that their penises are not big enough. That’s why they are not satisfied with the member length and/or girth.
But the majority of men all over the globe actually has an average penis size and in fact shouldn’t be embarrassed with manhood measurements.
Get to know about the study findings concerning the average manhood length and circumference in order not to underestimate your own member.

Average Penis Length and Girth

The British Journal of Urology International gave to the public the study results which shed light on the member size in both flaccid and erect state.
Thus, the average manhood length in flaccid state is 3.61 inches; while the average manhood length in erect state is 5.16 inches. As for the average penis girth, it is equal to 3.66 inches in flaccid state and 4.59 inches in erect state.
Also, according to the research findings, there is an interrelation between the penis length and the body weight. So, if the man has a high body-mass index, he also has a shorter penis comparing to the slimmer men.

Average against Ideal

British online medical website held an opinion poll among both male and female respondents from North America and Europe concerning the average and ideal manhood length. And according to the research, regardless of the average member size, the ideal manhood size always exceeded the average one.
The considerations concerning the average penis size in the US were in the middle of survey results. Thus, according to these results, a supposed average American penis size is 5.7 inches, while the ideal size is 6.8 inches. And in fact, the American survey participants were very close to the truth since the average American manhood size is 5.6 inches.
By the way, Polish respondents had the greatest assumptions and expectations. They believed that the average member size is 6.3 inches, while the ideal member size is 6.9 inches.
All the mentioned figures refer to the erect member size.

How to Measure Penis

  • To determine the real measurements of your penis, you should learn to correctly measure it.
  • The manhood length is measured from its base to the tip of its head.
  • The base of member is a place where it is attached to the pubic bone. And the tip of the manhood head is located at its end. Make sure that fat in the pubic area doesn’t impede the measurement. But at the same time, the length added with a foreskin should not be considered when specifying an accurate penis length.
  • The circumference is measured around the middle of the penis shaft.

The Bottom Line

Many men worry whether their manhood size lives up to the average one. And each man is afraid to have the penis smaller than the average one. But if you learn to correctly measure your member, you will definitely find out that it really falls within the average penis measurements.
If you are still unsatisfied with your manhood size, you should search for a way to raise your self-esteem or ways to make penis bigger naturally.