Frequently Asked Questions about penis extenders

What is a penis extender?

A penis extender is a tool to make your penis longer. The increase in thickness is not the primary task of implementing this device, though the effect can be good with this dimension as well. The device consists of one ring, two rods and a rubber head cap.
The construction of the extender is simple, but it allows to achieve an enlargement of the penis when used on a regular basis.

How penis extenders work?

The penis extender is easy to use. However, it can be very effective in achieving the main task. The idea is to stretch the body of the penis away from the pubic bone. For the purpose, a rubber cap is fixed on the penis head and, by means of the rods, maintained in a remote position.
Thus, the continuous tension is applied to the trunk of the penis. The prolonged application of the force finally results in enlargement of the male organ.

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What is the effect?

The key point here is that the traction is applied continuously. As time goes on, cells of the flesh divide and multiply, thus producing more flesh.
Due to the traction force applied, it occurs primarily in the lengthwise direction, what makes the penis longer and a bit thicker too.

Are there other mechanisms of influence of the extender on the penis?

Yes, there is one more effect that the penis extender takes use of. It is stipulated by anatomy of male’s pubic area. The force, being applied continuously, makes suspensor ligaments stretch as well. It allows the hidden part of the shaft to move out of the body, though just a bit.
It may sound amazing, but it really occurs due to biological features of the man’s body. Suspensor ligaments are links connecting the trunk of the penis with the pubic bone. They keep a part of the trunk hidden inside the male body. It is possible to make it come out a little and become visible.
This component adds only a little bit to the effect of stretching the penis. However, if you strive for getting extra centimeters, you should not ignore that tiny contribution as well, it goes as a side effect. The major part of the increment is, of course, due to the flesh growing.

Are there more applications for a penis extender?

Along with the application mentioned above, a penis extender could be useful in treating Peyronie’s disease. In case, when a penis has a curved shape, the device can help correct its form and make it straight.
The history of the devices origins namely from attempts to cure Peyronie’s disease. This is what a penis extender was designed for. And only when data were collected over a period of time, it was noticed, that the usage of this type of device makes a penis longer as well. Since, male organ enlargement became the main purpose of application of the device.
There are also data available confirming, that erection gets firmer, if the extender is regularly used.

What is the size increase to be expected from the penis extenders?

The result depends on a number of factors. Personal genetics is of primary importance. It should be kept in mind, that the success can be achieved only when the device is used properly and on a regular basis. As the treatment is grounded on a natural cell multiplication process, to let the flesh of the organ grow, one has to wear the extender for a period of at least several months.
After that amount of time and zeal the gain can be as big as a couple inches. You may use extender in complex with penis enlargement pills.

Is it necessary to continue the treatment, when a noticable increase in size has been achieved?

If some significant increase has been achieved, it would be reasonable to make a pause in usage to let the penis accept the new size as its normal one.
Some time later the procedure can be continued. In this case, the penis will grow again under the influence of the traction force.

Can the usage of a penis extender be harmful to a male organism?

Penis is a tender organ, and any incautious handling can seriously harm it. To avoid risks of injuring one must follow all the precautions available in the manual. Also, the increase expected should be reasonable. It’s no good to wear the device too long and to expect too much from it. Remember: the ability of the penis to grow has natural restrictions.
Manufacturers do not presume the device to be on for long periods of time. It is strictly advisable to take it off for a night time. Also, to secure a proper blood circulation pauses should be made from time to time. After that the procedure can be renewed, with no harm to the organ.

For how long should the extender be worn during the daytime?

The total time, when the device stays on, needed to follow the procedure successfully would be on the average one to four hours per day (in some sessions interrupted with breaks). It is strictly advisable not to exceed this duration. Maintaining this rule will allow to avoid any problems caused by the penis extender.