Whatever brand is being marketed, visually appealing packaging can grab your attention. But after you buy the product you want it to deliver what it promises. We all know how it feels to be on the end of a broken promise.

There are many male enlargement pills that are currently available on the market. And the competition can become even more intense with new manufacturers and new products. Of all the choices, which of the manufacturers can be trusted to deliver on their promises? What do they do to earn your confidence and your hard earned money?


This is a guide that will help you avoid the advertising traps set by manufacturers and marketers. It leads you to the best choices for your specific needs. It is critical you understand that every drug or supplement you decide to use potentially has a side effect. Not only will this guide help you make the best choices. It will help you know what are the safest choices.

You need to know when it comes to enlargement supplements, some are simply more effective than others. But being effective is not the only consideration. You need to look at the purpose of the product, its safety, and how the product fits in with your normal lifestyle.

Penis enlargement news 2018

Advancements in science and technology mean that new techniques and procedures are becoming available within the healthcare sector. One area of this industry to which this applies is cosmetic surgery. Recent research has revealed that using stem cells for penis enlargement is a realistic alternative to the surgical option for this body enhancement.
According to experts from the UK’s stem cell bank, significant improvements could be made to current cosmetic surgical procedures by using stem cells. This would not only apply to penis enlargements, but also to a range of other procedures, such as breast and bottom enhancements., the UK’s stem cell bank, has said that these new procedures would not involve the use of harmful or synthetic materials. Instead, the procedure is completed using only tissue that is grown in stem cell banks from people’s own cells.

penis enlargement newsFat is collected from the patient’s body using liposuction and this fat is then used along with their healthy stem cells. This is then used for breast, bottom, and penis augmentation. The researchers have said that there are many benefits to using this technique as an alternative to current surgeries and is particularly beneficial to those having a penis enlargement, which is very sensitive surgery.
One of the major benefits is that the patient is significantly less likely to reject the materials that are used in the enhancements as they have come from their own bodies. In turn, this reduces the risk of the procedure for the patients. Furthermore, it could also shorten recovery periods. A further benefit is that the results of the procedure are more likely to look natural than when other methods of enhancing bodily parts are used.
These are not the only benefits as experts have also noted that the use of a patient’s own stem cells for augmentation procedures means that the materials will age better, thus reducing the necessity for correctional procedures in the future.
A problem that people who have undergone breast augmentation have faced in the past is leaking or exploding implants. In addition to the distress this has caused, it has also led to further health problems as a direct result of the problems relating to their cosmetic surgery.
A representative of has spoken about the way in which cosmetic surgery is changing for the better. Not only are they striving to make the results of the surgery appear more natural, they are also researching ways of using more natural materials in the procedures as people are aware that natural options are better than the synthetic alternatives.
In fact, a survey revealed that 95 per cent of people would opt for stem cell surgery over the use of synthetic materials. People who are currently considering cosmetic surgery and are researching the different options available have expressed their willingness to wait for this new technique to become available before booking a procedure. Therefore, this has the potential to become the preferred cosmetic surgery option in the future.

  Who I am?

My name is Tom Poiter. And this is a BLOG of  NOT A BLOGGER))  My professional background includes graduating from State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University. With more than 10 years of experience in my specialty, I have chosen to create notimpotence blog. Here i share my professional knowledge and experience with you. You will be informed and educated about the advantages, disadvantages, and potential dangers associated with the use of male enhancement pills. My goal is to provide very low risk options that will maximize your sexual and general health.

Over the years, the growing interest and popularity in the search for a solution to penis elongation that is reliable, motivated me to create site.

The more I researched and investigated the various products using my 10 years of experience, the more I learned. This effort gave me the ability to analyze the available brands and create recommendations for those that rank highest in safety and effectiveness. The rapid growth of manufacturers and products that promote male enhancement means there is far more information available than ever before. It is impractical for most men to sift through all the claims and advertising to determine what  is the best for them. Too many men fall prey to the attractive advertising and packaging and end up paying for a product that does not work.

I can assure you that despite manufacturer advertising, not every pill promising to enlarge a penis will be able to live up to those promises for every man. This is one of the strongest reasons for creating this guide. You need to carefully read and review all the information provided on this website. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the supplements featured on this website.


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What are the Major Factors to Consider?


When choosing the best penile augmentation pills, here are the most important things to look for.
For every pill, always keep in mind there are potentially dangerous side effects. The more common ones are:

  • Nausea/stomach ache
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

These are often found in the lower quality dick pills, especially those where the manufacturing process is defective or unchecked. The key in avoiding contamination in the manufacturing process is a high level of quality control. It significantly reduces the possibility the product will be contaminated by lead or high levels of bacteria that are the cause of the unwanted side effects.

Remember: Check out the company and all of its manufacturing facilities to ensure the remedy is being processed as safely as possible. Some manufacturers have plants in more than one country, so check out the country’s regulations on manufacturing processes.

Doing the homework does not require much time if you keep in mind some basic facts.

  • Check to see how long the penis gowing pills have been available to the public. Avoid companies who have recently introduced new products and have no history of manufacturing male enhancement products. More likely than not, they will drop out of sight sooner than later.
  • Only consider pills that have been required by law to undergo clinical trial testing before being made available to consumers. This is not the same as internal testing done by the manufacturer, especially when it comes to the safety of the brand. Achieving reliable results of product testing takes a significant amount of time and is expensive for the company to complete. Companies that market ineffective, counterfeit, or unsafe penis growth pills do not make the type of time and money investment necessary to ensure a quality product. Companies who are committed to the consumer are almost always the largest because they have the resources to adequately test their products. Over the years they have earned the confidence of the public.
  • Check to see the testing of penile enlarging supplements includes the testing of every ingredient in the formula. This is essential in order to determine whether the pill is safe for the public to use. The ingredient label must include every ingredient contained in each tablet, indicate any potential side effects, and clearly state any guarantees. If there are ingredients that are not listed on the label, or worse, there is no ingredient label, then reject the product as ineffective, unsafe, or both.



Most men tend to hide their problems and experiences, especially in matters of sexual performance. Discussing a problem with their doctor and asking about natural penis enhancement just does not come naturally to them. Potential solutions to the problem such as vacuum pumps or surgical procedures are not effective for everyone, the most common complaint being they are not able to give the man the result he is seeking.


 How Penis Enhancement Pills Work

One of the most common beliefs of men who are just learning about penis growth is that the right pill will make their penis longer when not erect. This is not true, and any product that says otherwise is misleading you. Here is the biological reality of what makes male enhancing pills work.
Tablets affect your body in three ways by:

  • increasing the diameter of blood vessels in the penis, allowing them to hold more blood
  • boost sexual stamina
  • improving testosterone production

You will find that many of the top male enhancement pills have certain ingredients in common. This is because they are proven to make the blood vessels in your penis expand and store more blood. Greater blood storage will make the penis larger when an erection begins to occur, and not during its flaccid (non-erect) state.

Currently, there are 5 basic techniques that are used to to increase the length and/or girth of the penis.

Penis extenders and exercises are intended to stretching the penis. Of the listed options, only the use of a vacuum pump did not show a significant increase in penis length with regular use over time (about 10 percent). The other options were effective in increasing the volume of blood in the penis.

In today’s culture, men who have a large penis are generally in better physical shape and are more sexually confident. Penis size has gotten far more attention over the last decade and has increased the amount of research and the number of male enhancement products available on the market. However, a recent study showed that less than 10 percent of women are concerned about a man’s penis length. What was most important was girth, or diameter size, of the penis. So when considering increasing the size of your penis using any of the above methods, remember that extenders and vacuum pumps are primarily designed to increase length, putting them far behind the other choices.

That leaves exercises, pills, supplements, and creams deserving of serious consideration. Exercise by itself is not enough. As the evidence shows, men who have larger penises also keep themselves in good physical shape so it is common sense to combine exercise with one of the three remaining alternatives. What I did was to …


 I can honestly say that these three products basically have the same effectiveness, though Neosize XL and Vig RX have a slight advantage over Male Extra. That said, you can be guaranteed that choosing any of the 3 brands in the table will give you the desired result.


Brand Neosize Vig RX Male Extra
Ranking place №1 №2 №3
Price/bottle From 29$ From 40$ From 41$
Side effects No No No
First results 28 days 30 days 45 days
Shipping worldwide Yes No Yes
Penis growing 3-4 inches 2-4 inches 2-2.6 inches
Proved by doctors Yes Yes Yes
Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Ingredients Natural Natural Herbal
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 67 days 60 days
Multilingual Site and Support Yes Yes Yes
General Medical Expert Dr.Marco Basti, M.D. Dr. Steven Lamm No
Penis enhancement video with every order Yes No No
Photos before and after Yes Yes No
Payment methods Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club Visa, Master Card, American Express, Eurocard Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Maestro
My experience Full review on Neosize XL Full review on Vig RX Full review on Male Extra
Offers Best offer on Neosize XL Best offer on Vig RX Best offer on Male Extra


One of the best options for men who are interested in penile enhancement in a natural way is by using sex pills. The reason for this is because natural ingredients that contain herbal compounds makes them safe to use for 99 percent of all men with virtually no side effects. These natural ingredients primarily focus on increasing blood flow to the penis.

Pills are not only a safer choice for men who seek penis elongation, but also a smarter choice when compared to the alternatives such as surgery. It is smarter because instead of scheduling appointments or spending time with penis extenders, you can keep your privacy and order the pills online from the comfort of your own home.  Just be sure to place your order from a website that is selling the manufacturer’s original product. If the price is much lower than the original manufacturer’s price there is a good chance you are buying a fake product.

To sum up, combining sex pills with exercise is the safest and most reliable way to achieve a larger penis size. As long as you use caution in deciding where to buy your pills from, you should see measurable results that will meet your expectations.


When it comes to physically stretching the human body, there are many examples of this in human history. One of the most widely known examples is the women of a Myanmar tribe, Padaung. Women in the tribe known as Giraffe Woman, use metal coils to increase the length of their neck to enhance their attractiveness to the men of the tribe. The coils stretch the vertebrae of the neck, but the practice is done safely and can be found on girls as young as 2 and old women of the tribe as well. As the neck stretches, new coils are fitted with larger ones to continue the stretching process. Increases to the length of the neck have been measured to be as long as 10 inches.

When it comes to male enlargement this same principle can be applied. Though the neck is a complex physical structure, the Giraffe Women demonstrate that lengthening part of the body is possible without doing any damage. Is it possible to achieve the same results when the idea is applied to make penis longer?

The good news is that there are a number of men who have successfully applied the same stretching principles to making their penises longer as a surgical alternative. Despite criticism from so-called experts, the technique can be effectively used with men seeking male enlargement without going through surgical procedures that are expensive and can be dangerous. Some stretching techniques are used after undergoing a surgical stretching procedure, with the patient required to attach weights to his penis for a period of time following the surgery. One of the risks of surgery is, regardless of the type of procedure, the possibility of infection.




The herbal dick enhancer leading the list is Neosize XL. Beyond being both safe and effective, its ingredients provide a number of other advantages. The proof is in the numbers – over 1,000,000 men have used Neosize XL, attesting to both its effectiveness and safety for the vast majority of men.

  • Zero side effects – When compared to the inferior, lower quality  products, it is the superior alternative by promoting general health while delivering the results men seek.
  • Affordable – One of the most attractive features of any quality product is that everybody can purchase it. Neosize is popular because in addition to being effective, they are affordable. Having an average income does not mean you should have an average size penis.
  • No prescription necessary – Save your time by ordering Neosize XL without that doctor’s visit. The natural ingredients of Neosize XL are safe, even when you have a chronic disease like diabetes or a heart condition.
  • An increase in penis length up to 10 cm (that is 4 inches!)
  • Penis diameter size grows by as much as 20 percent
  • Strong, long lasting erections
  • Elimination of premature ejaculations
  • Stronger orgasms
  • An added bonus: your partner will be more satisfied as a result of your enhanced performance



  • After week 1 of using Neosize XL you will be experiencing stronger erections that last longer
  • Between weeks 2 and 3 the stronger and longer duration of erections continues to increase, there will be an increase in the length of your penis, and you will be in more control of your ejaculation
  • The next 4 – 5 weeks will show a measureable increase in penis size, up to 5 cm
  • By the end of 6 months of using Neosize you will see a definite increase in penis length, as much as 10 – 12 cm. All of the previous benefits – stronger erections, increased sexual stamina, greater control of ejaculation, and more intense orgasms will continue as your penis size stretches towards its maximum length and girth.


The perception of penile improvement

Regardless of where you live in the world, there are men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis. When asked about the importance of penis size, most agree that when it comes to romance and sexual satisfaction, penis size is very important. This goes beyond self-satisfaction. It includes the sexual satisfaction of their partner. These perceptions lead to the question of whether an increase in penis size will bring greater emotional satisfaction to your romantic life.

The important part of the answer is that men should be taking care of their sexual health regardless of penis size. Male enhancement alternatives such as surgery or vacuum pumps come with potential dangers to a man’s physical and sexual health, and do virtually nothing to improve it. Surgery will likely leave scars, vacuum pumps are likely to bruise your penis by bursting your capillaries and veins. Any physical damage caused by these alternatives has the possibility of impotence after years of use.

Deciding to use natural enhancers will increase your sexual health without the potential dangers of alternative techniques.

Surveys show Neosize XL ranks 1st against other popular products, placing it among the most popular  enlargement drugs available on the market today.

Clinical tests of Neosize XL have proven the following benefits are common to men using this sex pill:

  1. An overall improvement of sexual activity
  2. An increased libido
  3. Becoming more sexual attractive
  4. A significant increase in the amount of sexual activity
  5. An increased amount of circulation to the genital area
  6. An increase in general physical stamina

Additionally, clinical testing revealed naturally increasing a man’s penis size by using herbal penis growth pills like Neosize XL results in a longer erection. The natural ingredients in Neosize XL produce no side effects.  Increase a man’s self-confidence and his confidence in Neosize XL.

Men everywhere use pills and have discovered they are effective in creating a penis that is longer, thicker, and overall larger without having to spend a lot of money to achieve their desired result. The manufacturer of Neosize XL guarantees the quality and effectiveness of their product. If you do not see a clear benefit in 30 days, you can obtain a refund of your purchase price.

Full review on Neosize XL

Course of Neosize Price per course
1 month 54.95$
6 months 239.95$
1 year 349.95$




The manufacturer of Vig RX has developed a product that will change your sexual life for the better. You will have a greater amount of self-confidence in your romantic life and raise your libido by using the number 2 recommendation on my list.

As with Neosize XL, all the ingredients of Vig RX are of the highest quality. The manufacturing process undergoes a strict quality analysis so that you get one of the safest and most effective enhancement supplements available today. The combination of ingredients works with your body to help you achieve a strong, long lasting erection while maximizing your sexual satisfaction. Vig RX has been clinically tested and proven to maintain and increase your overall physical and sexual health.


More than 10 years has been invested into the research and testing of Vig RX. To prove to you they have one of the most effective products on the market today, there are offering first time users a free trial of Vig FX so you can experience for yourself all the advantages it offers. Read more.

The ingredients in Vig RX are not magical.

Asian red ginseng, Epimedium leaf extract, Ginkgo biloba leaf, and Catuaba bark extract are a few examples of what Vig RX contains.

After taking your first Vig RX pill you will immediately begin to experience:

  • Increased circulation to the penis and groin areas
  • Intense sexual arousal
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Increased libido
  • Longer state of erection

To get the maximum benefit from Vig RX you need to begin a regimen of taking 2 tablets a day, every day for a minimum period of 3 months. As you maintain your daily regimen, you will begin to experience the effects more consistently until you rise up and achieve the maximum benefit. You can expect the results to last for up to 4 years.

Vig RX is not only increase the size of your penis. It aids in the treatment of certain medical conditions such as prostate adenoma, erectile dysfunction, and prostatitis. It is strongly recommended you consult with your doctor if you have any of these medical conditions before taking Vig RX.

Full review on Vig RX

Course of Vig RX Price per course
1 month 76.99$
6 months 384.99$
1 year 489.99$


Male Extra earns the #3 spot for its powerful combination of key ingredients that include L-Arginine, Creatine, Cordyceps, and Zinc. With virtually zero side effects, Male Extra is safe for most men to confidently use.

How does Male Extra work?

It’s key ingredients work with your body to increase the amount of blood that flows to your penis. The reason a man gets an erection is due to the increased blood flow that expands the length and diameter of the penis. One of the biggest advantages of Male Extra is that, unlike prescription drugs, everybody can use it at any time and purchase without a prescription. There is zero wait time, so you are free to get romantic when the mood strikes you instead of watching the clock. You will have a greater amount of sexual energy and greater control of your ejaculation.


Using Male Extra as recommended will have you experiencing:

  • a longer lasting and stronger erection
  • an increased sexual drive
  • increased blood flow to the genital areas
  • improvement in the quality of your seminal fluid
  • a visible increase in penis size to 2.6 inches
  • all night staying power

Order Male Extra  from the manufacturer. There are several package sizes to choose from. You can save you money and allow you to achieve the long term results.

Course of Male Extra Price per course
1 month 64.95$
6 months 197.95$
1 year 249.90$

Full review on Male Extra

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