How to measure your penis size?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself what is the size of your penis?

Popular culture and media may suggest that there is an egocentric or self-confidence motive behind it. Some may think it is because are buying shorts. But the practical reason for accurately measuring the size of your penis is for the purposes of buying a condom.

Gone are the days, if they ever existed, when you can take a “one size fits all” approach when walking into a pharmacy or specialty store. When it comes to birth control and the prevention of STDs, knowing the correct size of your penis is essential.

There are two basic measurements involved – length and girth, or circumference. As a biological fact, you may find it interesting to know that several inches of your penis are actually inside of your body. Men who seek an alternative way to increase their penis size through surgical methods discover this reality. For our purposes, we will determine the measurements using the “what you see is what you get” method.

How to measure penis length

how to measure penis lengthThe measurements of both length and girth must be done with an erect penis. Most men have no problem in achieving this state, but you need to make sure you are maxed out with your erection. This is not the time for a half effort. Also remember that the use of drugs or your current health condition can affect achieving the maximum erection.

Measuring the length can be done with a ruler or tape measure, but the tape measure is preferred. You will need to press one end of the tape measure gently against your pubic bone since that is one end of the maximum length that can be used to fully penetrate your partner. Extend the tape measure to the very tip of your penis. That number will be the correct penis length.

How to measure penis girth

how to measure penis girthSince you cannot use a ruler to measure girth, it is why we prefer the tape measure as the method of choice for length. Measure the penis by placing the tape measure at a starting point and wrapping the tape measure around until it reaches the original starting point. Remember that size found on the tape measure.

However, this is not your girth. The somewhat sad news is that you need to divide the number of inches (or millimeters) by 3.14. The number we are seeking here is the diameter, not the circumference, of your penis which is the number you got by using the tape measure. Though most penises are not a perfect circle, using this method to determine girth is what is generally accepted.

How to measure your penis size correctly

If you want to get the most accurate measurement you will want to repeat this method several times over the course of a few weeks. Not only can physical health issues affect the result, but psychological health is a factor as well. If you are using male enhancement supplements of any kind you will want to have at least two sets of measurements – one using the supplements and one measurement with your body’s “natural” state. The reason is that if for many reason you stop taking the enhancement supplements you will likely have the wrong measurement. For some men, this difference can be significant.

Likewise, if you are on any type of temporary medication, you will want to either perform multiple measurements or wait until you are completely off the medication for a period of time. It may take several months for the effects of your medication to be completely removed from your body, but you are encouraged to be patient.

Using the Results

Many men will want to know how they measure up against other men. This is one of those things that are in a man’s competitive nature, so no need to worry. There are charts available showing you how you compare to other men. However, it is not to be used as a measurement of your masculinity, something that popular culture and media use to create drama. A taller man is not more masculine than a shorter one – it is just the physiological makeup that you are born with.

For the purposes of condom choice, you are likely to find yourself in the average size range, which means you are like most men. That makes purchasing condoms simpler. Men who are larger in length and girth may discover that buying a condom is a bit more complicated, which is why you need to have an accurate measurement of your penis. If the condom is too small it will likely break; too big and it will slip off at the worst possible time. Either of these events can result in long term health or financial difficulties.

Summing It Up

Though measuring your penis size is relatively simple, even with the math, the result is essential for a sexually active male. But even if you are not, knowing the size can be used to avoid surprises when the discussion of sex comes around with a potential partner. Over time you should consider repeating the measurements as changes in health and age can directly affect penis size.