Is Sex on the First Date Acceptable?

First date sex has always been a thorny issue. For centuries, moral norms and values have been forbidding free sexual activity. Those who didn’t obey these norms were faulted for immorality. That’s why all people wanted to get approval from a society. So, sex on the first date was out of the question.
But the times have changed. And now people can afford sex even during the first date. It has both upsides and downsides. Let’s look them through.

Why Women Are Less Likely to Want Sex on the First Date?

The women tend to be more focused on what other people tell about them than the men. Therefore, the women much more often than the men hesitate when it comes to sex on the very first date. None woman wants to be reputed as a woman for one night because of her loose morals. That’s why sexual freedom is not for each woman.

Why Is It Worth Having Sex on the First Date?

The times, when sex before marriage was not allowed and chasteness was a major virtue, have long fallen into oblivion.
Sexual liberation which also implies hooking up on the first date helps quickly determine and understand whether there is sexual suitability and compatibility of the partners. Indeed, happy, long-lasting relationship is impossible if the man and woman are sexually incompatible. The sooner you get to know whether the man/woman who is sexually appealing to you suits you in bed, the better for you.
Also, hooking up on the first date is a great way to relax, especially if the long-lasting relationship is not a goal which you aspire to meet above anything else.

Why Is It Good Having Sex on the First Date?

There are also reasons for which sexual intercourse on the first date may be not only not as pleasant as you expect, but also dangerous to your health and life.
It’s should be mentioned that the overwhelming majority of sexual intercourses during the first date happens when the partners are drunk. But actually, alcohol is not the best friend of a high-quality sex. It’s a proven fact that alcohol substantially worsens bedroom performance. So, if you decide to finish the first date with sex, your sexual skills will seem to your partner not as impressive and bright as you might wish.
Also, since sex on the first date is often possible under the influence of alcohol, people forget about proper protection such as condoms. That’s why the risk of catching an infection skyrockets. As a result, you can get sexually transmitted diseases or even become infected with life-threatening HIV.

The Bottom Line

Though many people all over the world practice sex on the first date, it still remains a sensitive subject. And even those who claim that they don’t mind to end the first date with sex in reality still often don’t dare to do this.
Regardless of what decision you take, you shouldn’t be outer-directed. Only you and your partner can decide how to behave since this intimate issue is only between you and him/her. So, it’s important what attitude you and your partner but not somebody else have to sex on the first date.