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prosolution gelMale enhancement creams and gels are becoming more popular among men in 2020, and for good reason. Prosolution is a provider of both male enhancement pills and their most recent alternative – Prosolution Gel. This article will focus on Prosolution gel, but the question for all Prosolution users is whether you should continue using the pill or make the switch and use the gel by itself.

The jury is still out on whether a male enhancement cream alone creates the maximum effect, so the best way to find out is to try it for yourself. The Prosolution gel gives you firmer erections with increased sexual stamina faster. But some men (and women) do not like the pause and messiness of applying gels during the most intimate of moments. As you will find out, this is rarely a problem at all, and the speed at which Prosolution Gel begins to take effect will offset any concerns you or your partner have when making the switch.

What Is Prosolution Gel

prosolution cream advantagesThe first question to be answered is why penis enhancement cream products such as Prosolution Gel are becoming more popular than pills. The most obvious answer is that creams and gels have been formulated to work on contact rather than having to wait between 20 minutes or more for the effects of the alternative pills to kick in. Another reason is that pills, even those which have all natural ingredients, can have side effects which make regular use of the pill nearly impossible.

So then why not give up pills altogether and just use Prosolution Gel? For one thing, timing. Pills may take longer to work, but there are times when that can be a huge advantage. Which is why you need to consider using both a natural male enhancement cream and a pill together and judge the results for yourself. Be sure to ask your partner about their experience too!

Prosolution Gel is definitely a professional solution for male enhancement. One of the biggest complaints from women about using other creams and gels is the numbness she feels during intercourse. So even though you are you are having a great experience, she ends up waiting longer than usual to get fully aroused. Prosolution Gel is the best male enhancement cream because women experience the entire package of benefits without the numbness.

Prosolution Gel Ingredients

The specific, active ingredients in Prosolution Gel are what make it both effective and popular. It is the reason why when you are looking for the best penis cream you can start by ordering Prosolution gel. So let’s take a look at the major ingredients to find out how they work together to give you the maximum results you expect from a male enhancement gel.

  • l-arginineok L-Arginine – This is a key ingredient that increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. We will look how important nitric oxide production is to the size and thickness of the penis later. For now, know that L-Arginine is a critical amino acid that occurs naturally in your body, so it is safe to use.
  • ok Aloe Vera – Allow Vera is another key ingredient because it works to help the other active ingredients get absorbed into the skin. Think of it as a helper for the complete delivery system of Prosolution Gel.
  • ok Bearberry Extract – In any gel or cream for penis enhancement, there has to be an ingredient that will positively affect the flow of fluids throughout the body even after the gel has been absorbed. That is what this extract does. The result is a harder erection and a stronger orgasm.
  • ok Mango Butter – Mango has gained a reputation for being an aphrodisiac, and including it in Prosolution Gel increases the amount of lubrication you get during application and intercourse.
  • Vitamin Cok Vitamin C – Of all the vitamins, Vitamin C is the most well-known and popular for a number of reasons. It is an antioxidant and used to treat a number of common ailments, including the common colds. When used in a male enhancement gel, it increases your stamina and adds to the hardness of your erection.

The most important thing to remember about the list of ingredients (the complete list can be found on the Prosolution website) is that it is the amount and concentration of each ingredient that makes the gel work most effectively for you. Because the product is recommended by a doctor and been through qualitative testing, you can be sure it is safe to use.

How Does Prosolution Gel work

Infographic_how to useL-Arginine was the first ingredient mention in the list of ingredients because of its ability to increase the amount of nitric oxide produced in the body. For years the importance of nitric oxide to a man’s sexual health has been known. Prosolution has taken the years of medical and scientific research and applied it to allow men to have a firmer erection and all the other advantages Prosolution Gel has to offer.

Here is how nitric oxide is critical to your sexual performance. The full feeling you get when you get an erection is blood filling up your penis. Think of it as gas in your gas tank. Now the engine is going and the gas is freely flowing, but in order for the blood to achieve your erection the muscles in your penis need to relax so you can go full throttle. This is what nitric oxide does.

Though nitric oxide is not the only reason you get and maintain an erection, it has been discovered that a lack of it will definitely get in the way of your sexual health. The expensive prescription pills work in the same basic way – to increase the production of nitric oxide. The difference is that using Prosolution Gel you can get the same biological mechanism working with none of the side effects and for a significantly lower cost.

One important feature of Prosolution Gel needs to be mentioned here. It uses a topical delivery system. What this means is that you will not have to ingest or digest any of the effective ingredients. Applying the gel directly to your penis will result in immediate results so you are ready for action immediately. While it is remotely possible you may unknowingly be allergic to one of the ingredients, you will know this immediately. As with any new product you use in or on your body, you should test a small amount of it before going full throttle with its use.

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How To Use Prosolution Gel

Application of the male enhancement cream is simple and easy. Once you have tested it and found it safe to use, apply it generously on to you’re the length and girth of your penis and watch it begin to work. Keep in mind that you need to be sexually aroused to achieve its greatest effect, but there have been reports of it acting like an aphrodisiac all by itself! As it is said – whatever works for you!


There are a number of other advantages to using Prosolution Gel, so here is a short summary of the major benefits to using it:

  • pros Immediate action – No waiting for pills to start working.
  • pros No known side effects – Because Prosolution Gel works with your body, it does not try to change any of its normal functioning to be effective.
  • pros Safe for oral sex – The gel is safe to use for oral sex and has no negative effects for your partner if digested.
  • pros Condom compatible – Using Prosolution Gel before putting a condom on will not compromise the integrity of the condom at any time.

prosolution advantagesMale enhancement gels can be used together with male enhancement pills to take advantage of the benefits of both. It is always better for a man to have too much nitric oxide than not enough. So for maximum effectiveness and readiness, using a combination of Prosolution pills and gel is definitely worth trying.


The reason for the popularity of male enhancement pills is that they have been proven to be effective for many men. The increased competition in the market proves male enhancement products are effective for many men. Gels have the advantage of working immediately and have no side effects. Only time will tell if gels make pills (and their high price tag) obsolete.

But the biggest reason to use Prosolution Gel is for your partner. Despite your woman telling you size isn’t important – it is. She will love you more knowing that you are doing everything you can to please her. The best sex is the kind that is mutually beneficial, and Prosolution Gel will make you last longer, increase the size of your penis, and increase the enjoyment of sex.

We are so confident of our product that we have a 67 day money back guarantee. That means your financial risk is zero. We also offer free shipping and currently have a selection of bonus products for a limited time that are available with your first order. Call us today or order online to discover how Prosolution Gel can make a significant difference in your life.