Male Enhancement Patch ProEnhance review

Men are continuing to look for male enhancement solutions, whether the solution comes in the form of a pill, cream, gel, or even a mechanical device. The results men report from using these varies products vary – and for good reason. Every man is different, both with respect to his problems and/or limitations, and to the general makeup of his biology. But perhaps the biggest problem is one of discretion: men like to keep their personal male enhancement techniques a private matter.

proenhance male enhancement patch

A new product, ProEnhance male enhancement patch, has been developed that makes male enhancement both effective and discrete. It makes male enhancement as simple as putting on a band aid – maybe simpler. If you have heard of or used a nicotine patch, then you know about the delivery system of ProEnhance.

What is a male enhancement patch?

Like a stop smoking or nicotine patch, the ProEnhance delivery system is a patch that sends your body a dose of a 100 percent safe, herbal compound that will have you experiencing harder erections, increased sexual stamina, and the psychological boost every man is looking for in the bedroom. Even better is it is doctor approved and proven to increase your libido.

About the patch itself. There are many advantages to a patch, the main one being that you do not have to remember to take pills or have a prescription filled at a local pharmacy. To use the ProEnhance male patch you simply put in on your body like a band aid and the formula is absorbed into your body – regardless of where you go or what you are doing. That means you can wear it while showering before sex and while you are having sex. The patch continues to feed your body the ProEnhance formula throughout the day and night. Just replace it every 3 days. Yes, it is that simple.

How does the male patch work?

Male patches - how they workThe ProEnhance patch looks like a band aid but is actually a male enhancement delivery system. The patch is designed so that once it is applied to your skin, two things happen. First, the treated portion of the patch has a substance that works to open the pores of your body and make them more easily absorb the active male enhancement formula. Next, the ProEnhance herbal ingredients are absorbed into the body and bloodstream, where it is directed to the area of your penis to do its work.

Because of how the formula is designed, the herbal agents are constantly absorbed into the body as long as you wear the patch. Not having to be absorbed through the stomach as many alternative male enhancement methods are, ProEnhance does not lose any of its potency in the process. Add the consistency to the potency and you have what is a male enhancement breakthrough.

If you are wondering if the ingredients of the patch will negatively react to your skin, the answer is no. The reason is that the patch is 100 percent hypo-allergenic, meaning it will not cause any type of allergic reaction. That means you can put it anywhere on the lower abdomen of your body and suffer no ill-effects. In fact, there have been no adverse side effects reported from users of ProEnhance. The adhesive used to hold the patch on has the same safe qualities as the patch ingredients.

Note: Be sure to move the location of the patch when replacing it.

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What men who are searching for in a male enhancement product is bottom line results. Knowing that there is no “instantly effective magic potion” for quality and safe male enhancement products, your results will be seen in steps – beginning in the first month of use.

  • Step 1 – you will notice harder erections and you will notice a slight increase in size
  • Step 2 – your erection will increase between one half and one inch
  • Step 3 – you will notice a definite increase in your libido (sex drive) and will gain confidence
  • Step 4 – additional size growth along with more intense orgasms and increased ejaculations
  • Step 5 – thicker size and an increase in ejaculation intensity

Each of these steps takes about 30 days to progress. The good news is that even if you don’t experience leaps and bounds every 30 days, you will notice the effects over time. So you don’t need to be discouraged over “missing the mark” because every man’s biology is different. Instead of stressing out about not :measuring up” you can let the patch do its work and enjoy life during the process.

Keep in mind that the results you can expect are connected to your overall health, lifestyle, and diet and exercise regimen. Most men who use male enhancement products of any type are almost always encouraged to maintain a reasonably active lifestyle to get the major benefits of the product.


Male patches guaranteeAs was said at the beginning, every man is different regardless of the male enhancement product he chooses to try out. ProEnhance is a company that stands by its product, which is why they offer a 67 day money back guarantee. They will refund your money except for the shipping and handling costs they incur. So trying ProEnhance is a virtual risk free proposition.

What ProEnhance cannot guarantee is the result you personally will get from using the patch. Many men have personal male enhancement goals they want to achieve, and they search for a product that can get them there. The manufacturers of ProEnhance have created a formula and product that is intended to be safe and effective for many men. Instead of making exaggerated claims, it is best that buyers of the product know what to reasonably expect – which is why we offer our money back guarantee.

Male Patch pros and cons

Male enhancement patchesThe advantages far outweigh any potential disadvantages of ProEnhance patch, especially since the disadvantages are nearly impossible to find! It is hard to make a case against a male enhancement product that you can use anywhere on the lower abdomen of your body, at any time, for up to 3 days before you have to change it, and that works continuously day and night. Hypoallergenic and safe to use, it is all natural and has a number of customer testimonies proving its effectiveness.

There are some cons that are true of some men in some instances, but will likely not affect you. It is not recommended that you put the patch on an area that is scratched or bruised. If you have sensitive skin you may not be able to use the patch. And if you are looking for a short term solution that is “ready to go” such as Viagra, the patch cannot deliver those kinds of results.

Male enhancement patches vs pills

pills vs patchesProEnhance comes so highly recommended that it is hard to make a case for using male enhancement pills. One of the major drawbacks of pills is that they lose some of their potency as they pass through your body to be digested. Another is that they can be forgotten to be taken on schedule, causing problems with the regimen.

Despite this, male enhancement pills are a great male enhancement solution because they have a long history and proven track record of being successful for many men. There are likely some men who have had bad experiences with other types of patches, such as nicotine patches. Some men are very happy with their current choice of male enhancement pills. But the future of delivery systems for drugs is the patch, and ProEnhance is looking forward to offering more and improved male enhancement solutions in the future.

ProEnhance PackagePricePrice per month
1 month68.95$68.95$
3 months154.95$52$
6 months249.95$ + free shipping+ free Volume pills+ free Prosolution pills42$
1 year358.95$ + free shipping+ free Volume pills+ free Prosolution pills30$