Natural penis enlargement foods to increase the size and improve health

There are a number of penis enlargement and enhancement pills available on the market that have proven to be effective in varying degrees. But many of the best and most effective supplements have ingredients that can be found naturally in foods. Even in the case of “all-natural” supplements, there may be a certain amount of fillers and/or added ingredients that actually give the product its effectiveness.

But why not explore the possibility that eating the natural penis enlargement foods directly will bring about the same result?food

I will explore some of the more common foods that can significantly enlarge your penis and improve your sexual health. I will also give you some general advice on what foods to avoid that can counteract any of the benefits eating penis-friendly foods as a regular part of your diet.

In this article we included several dietary sources of foods that can be used to replace the ingredients found in the top male enhancement pills – direct foods and indirect foods. Also included is some general advice on foods to avoid because you don’t want to take one step forward and two steps backward. Finally, i discovered one very important ingredient that could not be left out of my “all natural” recommendation list because it is not found in any food – but it is found in every major male enhancement supplement.

Direct penis enlargement foods

These are foods that can be found in almost every supermarket and many are already part of a normal diet. Foods that are entrées, snacks, and desserts are among the foods in this list. The number and amount of these foods you consume is a matter of personal preference.

  • Watermelon

watermelonThis is a seasonal food, but only recently have the effects on penis size been noted. Watermelon contains an amino acid called citrulline, which is converted in the body to a popular and well known penis-friendly amino acid – arginine. The serious research is just beginning, but the fact that the conversion of citrulline to arginine is known and that watermelon itself is considered the super foods to increase penis size are two very good reasons to add it to your diet.

  • Liver

LiverThough liver may not make everyone’s favorite food list, it has some of the properties that cause it to be a vasodilator. A vasodilator is a substance, natural or man-made, that widens the arteries allowing more blood to flow throughout your body. And as we know, an erection and penis size is affected by blood flow. However, be careful when adding liver to your diet plan because it also contains a certain amount of fats that can counteract any of its benefits.

  • Fish

fishOne of the foods for penis growth. Here you have to be careful exactly what kind of fish you choose to add to your diet. Tuna and salmon are the most recommended, while fish fillets with a mixed variety of fish are on the lower half of the list. Beyond the Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your health in general, fish is also a lighter food and thus low calorie, which is good for your general cardiovascular health. The more blood that pumps throughout your body, the bigger your erection will be.

  • Oysters

oystersTechnically oysters are not a fish (they are mollusks) but they have a storied reputation for increasing a man’s libido and penis size. The reason is that they are loaded with zinc, one of the ingredients often found in male enhancement and enlargement supplements. Taste is one reason oysters do not make everyone’s preferred food list.

  • Spinach

spinachAlso natural penile enlargement foods. Still in the high zinc food category, spinach is another food that is more palatable for many than oysters. Spinach can be used in salads or as a side dish, so it is more versatile than oysters.

  • Chicken

chickenThere are many advantages to eating chicken. It is lean compared to red meats and is very versatile. When it comes to foods that help penis growth, chicken contains the most Niacin of any food. Niacin is a vasodilator and contained in many male enhancement supplements. Some men avoid taking it in pill form because of the flushing sensation large doses create.

  • Nuts

nutsMany types of nuts such as peanuts and almonds contain large amounts of biotin. Biotin is a naturally occurring substance that supports skin, nerve, digestive tract, metabolism, and cell health. All of these are important “ingredients” of foods that enlarge penis. If you are someone who “grazes” during the day or has a tendency to eat snack foods, nuts are a great substitute that is both tasty and affordable.

Indirect Foods for penis enlargement

Some people may not consider these foods is the common use of the word, as they are thought of as additives such as spices that people normally add to their food. However, do not underestimate the power they can have on affecting the size and girth of your penis. In many cases it does not take a lot of the product to have a major effect on your sexual health.

The most obvious recommendations – are ingredients in the best and most effective male enhancement supplements as they have a track record of being proven to be penis-friendly.

  • Dark Chocolate

chocolateIt is among foods to increase penile size. You can eat dark chocolate all by itself, but most people prefer it mixed with almonds, peanut butter, or as an ingredient in cookies. Dark chocolate is one of many foods that boosts nitric oxide production which is essential for getting and maintaining an erection. Some men have said they have noticed an increased girth with increased nitric oxide intake.

  • Pomegranates

pomegranateFamous foods that can increase penis size. This is a berry that few people eat as a natural fruit because of its bitter taste. It is more commonly found as a juice or they are added to foods such as salads, yogurt, and desserts. One thing you have to watch for is any added ingredients in juices and other prepackaged products that may lessen the effect on your penis size or that are generally detrimental to your goal.

Foods To Avoid

The general rule when it comes to foods to avoid is that the more calories you intake, the more likely it is that those foods will be high in fat, salt, or unhealthy carbohydrates. Eating enough of them consistently will directly affect your heart health, which will affect your circulation. Many of the effective supplements and foods contain ingredients that promote circulation. Anything that you eat can sidetrack the benefits of the penis-friendly foods.

  • Snack foods

This includes most of the popular snacks such as potato chips and “comfort foods” such as cakes and cookies. As noted above, nuts are an excellent alternative.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is not a food in the technical sense but it is found in so many foods it needs to be mentioned here. Coffee, soft drinks, various types of chocolate, and even some otherwise healthy teas have enough caffeine to reduce the effectiveness of the good foods.

A Necessary Non-Foods to increase penis size

One of the most common ingredients found in male enhancement supplements is ginseng. Whether it is Korean Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, or American Ginseng, its benefits for male enhancement are almost without question. Unfortunately, there are no foods where ginseng in any form occurs naturally.

The only solution to the problem is to take ginseng in its many pill and capsule forms and decide what quantities work best for you. One of the benefits of taking ginseng separately from the dosages in male pills is that you may need more ginseng to fully realize all its benefits, so you are not limited by a specific supplement. Look the oldest and effective supplement Neosize XL.



One consideration when it comes to increasing your penis size is length versus girth. Both are important factors in measuring penis size. Of the penis growth foods we have chosen to examine, many increase both dimensions, while others are limited to girth. We recommend a creative mix from both lists and, of course, paying close attention to the foods to avoid. Exercising to burn off calories and improve your overall general health is something that is always recommended in the discussion of maximizing the effectiveness of the penis enlarging foods you eat.

The question of why choose naturally occurring foods over supplements needs to be addressed. Yes, pills are easier to take and they can be seen as an “all-in-one” solution. But eating naturally allows you to control the amount of a specific natural foods for penis enlargement such as zinc. For some men, they may find some adverse side effects to a specific ingredient in supplements, so knowing what foods you can eat that will produce the same effect has huge advantages.

If you choose to go the route of eating naturally, it is important to recognize that the foods alone will not get you the results you desire. Male enhancement is directly involved with your overall health. When it comes to food choices, you can offset the positive effects of the foods by adopting a sedentary, lazy lifestyle. You can also minimize the positive effects by eating foods that are high in salt, caffeine, or other additives that may makes the foods taste great but leave your sexual health goals unmet.