What penis enhancement pills to choose: pharmaceutical or natural?

herbal or pharmaceutical penis enhancement


When we talk of sex pills, the first product we recall is VigRX. There are also many penis enhancement pills trying to regain their spoiled reputation through everyday advertising. Unfortunately, one can hardly trust them because of numerous counterfeit products that don’t work. So, is VigRX the only reliable solution?
Of course, not! Undoubtedly, Vigrx is a reputable product, which has been on the market for almost two years. It was a revolutionary solution for sexual problems. However, it would be an error to believe VigRX to be the only remedy of this kind.

Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, natural enhancement pills aim to eliminate the causes of sexual dysfunctions, resulting in better libido and quality of erection. Just some of those pills to mention are Viga Plus, ProSolution, Neosize. Their positive effect is based on herbs, which have been used since ages in popular medicine to maintain male forces. In other words, pharmaceutical pills give a temporary effect, while natural male pills make the whole reproductive system healthier.

So, can we say that natural pills are definitely superior to pharmaceutical peers? To answer the question, we need to consider the whole range of their features.

Pharmaceutical penis enhancers

This is a prescription-based group of products developed to cope with erectile dysfunction. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the most popular representatives of this group. All they work through inhibiting PDE5, which, in its turn, launches the process of erection for some period of time. You need to wait for about an hour, prior you will see the effect.

Pharmaceutical male penis enhancement  live up to your expectations, but there are some risks, just like with any other medication. Sometimes, patients complain of headaches, dyspepsia, flushing, impaired vision etc. In very rare cases, those pills provoked even heart attacks or a sudden loss of hearing.

Another disadvantage of pharmaceutical penis pills as compared to natural remedies is that they do not really improve sexual health. Their effect lasts for about an hour. So, you need to take them regularly. Consider their price of about 20$/pill and you will find them too expensive for permanent usage.

Natural male pills

These pills act quite differently. They have a cumulative effect rather than a momentary one. VigRX Plus and ProSolution all belong to this group of remedies. They don’t use innovative biotechnological solutions. Instead, they contain proven herbal ingredients like ginkgo biloba, tribulus terrestris, and damiana leaf, which have been known for their aphrodisiac qualities since ages. As a result, you get a sustainable improvement in your sexual health and stamina.

With pharmaceuticals, you need to take them every time you want to have the effect. Natural pills improve your sexual performance, so you are ready to act any time. On top of this, they are over-the-counter remedies, no doctor prescriptions are required to buy them. They have much fewer side effects reported. Still, it is always advisable to consult your doctor first.

The major drawback we should mention results from their principle of action. You need to take them for about three months before you will notice a sustainable effect. This is why many patients are suspicious about natural penis pills, as they do not see an immediate effect. Still, it is worth waiting, if you really want to improve your performance.

Choosing a better option

So, which way to go? Should you choose pharmaceutical or natural penis enhancement pills? Pharmaceutical pills are a good option for those who trust famous brands and do not worry about wasted money. On the contrary, if you look for an affordable solution and strive to achieve a sustainable effect, natural are a perfect option in this case.


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