Penis enlargement devices – pumps vs extenders

Which of the two penis enlargement tools, the pump or the extender, should you choose when seeking to increase your penis length and girth? This will be a brief summary of the advantages each brings to the table. At the end you can decide which is best for your personal situation based on the information.

  • One primarily works from the outside, the other from the inside

The penile extender is a physical device that stretches the skin of your penis through the use of a mechanical device. Some extenders use weights, but the basic process is to safely increase penis size by slowly stretching the outer skin and corpora cavernosa by putting the penis in a traction device for a specified period of time. The general recommendation is the stretching exercise be performed 3 or more times a week, for a duration between 30 minutes and one hour per day.

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In contrast, pumps work from the inside of the penis to increase length and girth. What is a penis pump for? Like the extender, the pump is a mechanical device that creates a vacuum around the penis that draws more blood into the veins of the penis. Filling the penis with blood is the natural way a man attains an erection. When you are using a penis pump, you imitate that process.

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The amount of time needed to achieve the maximum benefit is different in two penis enlargement devices

The underlying reason for the time difference is safety. Extender or penis stretcher takes longer to achieve the goal because the physical stress of stretching skin can damage the penis if the proper technique is not used or if the user attempts to accelerate the process. While penis enlargement pumps also have a safety concern, the possibility of internal damage is considerably less. The vacuum created by the pump must be released to allow the blood to flow back into the body, generally within 30 minutes. Unless a pump user places a constriction band around his penis, the possibility of damage due to maintaining the vacuum for 30 minutes is small.

  • Manage your expectations and investment

Buying either device is an investment in your self-confidence, penile health, and long term sexual satisfaction. There are conflicting results as to the success of using either device, so what works for one person may not work for another. That said, use caution when deciding which device to buy. You can spend between $200 and $400 or more for a penis extender, while a penile pump can run from as little as $120 to as much as $500. Unless you have a specific reason to buy the most expensive model available, find a middle of the road price and buy from a reputable dealer. Whatever your choice, the goal is to get your desired result.

Because each of the devices approach penis enlargement differently, you can safely use both. If you choose to take this approach, know that you will still be operating under the same safety and time limitations if you only choose to use one device. Both are designed to change your physiology, but like muscle building it is not something that will see maximum results in a week.

PriceFrom 127$From 299$
Side effectsNoNo
First results15 min1 week
Shipping worldwideYesYes
Money Back Guarantee60 days6 months
Long-term effectNoYes