How do penis enlargement patches work?


The number of options of remedies for male enhancement is rather numerous nowadays. The market is versatile and full of innovative goods. Thus, the competition forces manufacturers of all products of the kind to be more ingenious and look for better ways of hooking a customer. Traditional pills give place to more sophisticated forms. This is the reason one can buy not only capsules, but patches and sprays in a drugstore. The operating principle of peroral forms is obvious and commonly known.

  • But what are male patches?
  • How do they work?
  • Why should a male give preference to them?
  • And is it worth trying?

Just like any other medicine, a male enhancement patch has versatile influence on human organism. The most popular effect being expected from male patches is the penis enlargement.

It’s not a secret that, being used separately, neither male patches, nor size increase pills can produce a substantial and durable result. However, combination of patches with regular manual exercises or penis extender application could add to the efficiency of both methods.

There are also some other advantageous effects of male patch application. It could be helpful for those suffering from erection problems, permanent or casual. Additionally, the erection can last longer without ejaculation. The patch allegedly increases the volume of sperm produced as well.

All the features mentioned above are quite similar for both male enhancement patches and pills. The latter are also claimed to improve sexual stamina and quality of erection. What is absolutely different with them it is the mode of their use. Pills are an oral dosage form and the patch is a transdermal one, while the active substances can be very similar.

How penis patch works?

Let’s now see how a patch works. This piece of a tissue is saturated with a substance that is intended to cause the male enhancement effects. To transmit the remedy inside a man’s body one should apply the adhesive patch to his skin. Thus, the substance infiltrates through the skin to be then absorbed into the blood and to increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis.

So, to take use of the patch one should just stick it to his skin. It starts working as soon as it is placed. The situation is a bit different with capsules. The principal mechanism is the same. But prior to start acting, pills have to be dissolved in the body. Though a faster way of transfer, it may cause stomach problems sometimes. But due to sweating, under the patch can be formed moist rash that will deliver many troubles. People with relevant diseases should consult a doctor first.

How to use patches?

Both pills and patches are suggested to be taken on schedule and maybe several times a day. If you forget, you won’t benefit from their advantageous effects. Regularity matters as well. Only regular use as prescribed can ensure the remedy do its work properly. A few months may be required for the results to be considerably noticeable. Penis enlargement pills work faster.

Whether you decide to use male enhancement patches or pills, your should remember that only a trustworthy product can give good results. Don’t forget about expiration dates as well, as the efficiency of any drug decreases with time.