Penis enlargement surgery – pros, cons, price

surgeryThere are a number of advertised ways men can increase their penis size, mainly through the use of pills or creams. Depending on who you believe, any particular product comes highly recommended or simply does not work.

Before many of the pills and creams became available, penis enlargement surgery had been a way to extend the length and increase the girth of the penis. Today, the improved techniques and technology have made penile enlargement surgery an equally viable alternative for men.

What is penis enhancement surgery

Male enhancement surgery involving the penis is commonly known by a number of names. What the names all have in common is the it is an invasive medical procedure that physically extends the length and girth of the penis with immediate visible results after the surgery. For some men this is the only way to get positive results from any type attempt at male penis enlargement.

You may be asking yourself how medical surgery can bring about an increase in length when every other method fails. Part of the answer lies in a scientific fact about the penis – about half of the total length is contained inside the body. Simple math says if you have an average sized 5.5 inch penis, you actually are packing almost 11 inches. The biology that men rarely think about is that the penis has to be attached to something inside the body. And that is where the surgery will get the extra inches from.

Though the biology is the same in every man, there are a number of pros and cons to consider before considering penis enhancement surgery as an alternative. The first important consideration is whether your purpose for the surgery is medical or cosmetic. Some doctors will not perform penis lengthening surgery only for cosmetic reasons. Another important consideration is that the procedure is invasive, which means there is always the possibility of infection after the surgery.

If you have come to a general conclusion after weighing out those two factors, then other things need to be evaluated.


  • ok It is permanent, so it will be a one-time procedure.
  • ok You can increase either your length or your girth – or both.
  • ok The success of the procedure will be known in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
  • ok Little, if any, scarring will be visible.


  • side effects Expensive. The procedure can cost as much as $25,000 or more depending on your penis extension surgery goals.
  • side effects Long distance travel may be required if there is not a local doctor that is qualified or willing to perform the surgery. That increases the cost.
  • side effects Post operation infection is always a possibility and can complicate matters.

If you only want to extend the length of your penis, the entire procedure can be done in a single day. Basically, what will happen is that before the surgery is scheduled you will consult with the doctor and review your entire medical history.

There are any number of reasons why you may not qualify as a candidate for penis lengthening surgery including:

  • A history of reduced cardiovascular functionality as any infection could create significant complications.
  • Men who have an auto-immune disease such as diabetes.
  • Previous surgeries or problems with the inguinal area.

Once approved, a day will be scheduled for the surgery. An incision will be made several inches above the base of the penis and the ligament that suspends the penis is cut. This allows the inside length to extend outside the body. After the penis extension surgery the patient is given a stretching device that will be used to increase the size of the penis.

A general guide for size increase is about 2.5 inches in length.

There will be a follow up visit with the doctor the next day to check on any potential post surgery problems, including infection.

Penile enlargement surgery costs

penis enlargement surgery costAll this comes with a cost. Depending on the location of your doctor and surgical center, the price range goes from about $7000 minimum to potentially more than $25,000. If the dick enlargement surgery is solely for cosmetic purposes, the patient’s medical insurance is not likely to cover the costs. Even if it is for medical reasons, you need to check with your insurance company to find out how much the dick enlargement surgery costs will be covered.

Some doctors and facilities will provide financing.

If you do not live close to a facility that performs penis lengthening surgery, you will have to include travel and hotel costs. Generally, it will be necessary to stay in the area for between 4 and 5 days. Some centers have recommended hotels they prefer for patients to use.

Though the vast majority of surgeries are successfully completed without problems within the week of the surgery, you may have to return for further evaluation, adding to the costs. Be sure to have a local doctor who not only is aware of the penis extension surgery, but one who knows how to treat any post surgery complicatrions.

How to get a bigger dick without surgery

Between the costs, surgery, and stretching and recovery time, penis enlargement surgery may simply be cost prohibitive or inconvenient to deal with. There is always the risk of infection and other post surgery complications.

That is why many men are opting to use male enhancement pills, creams, and oils to achieve similar results at a far lower price. Many of the male enhancement supplements are 100 percent natural, with the elite pills having a proven track record of success.


Two of the most successful male enhancement pills are Vig RX and Neosize XL. It is highly recommended you try these alternatives before deciding to move forward with penis enlargement surgery.

  • Vig RX

VigrxVigRX is a scientifically created formula that has medical and research evidence of giving you a boost of overall sexual performance. This is something penile enlargement surgery will not be able to do. Its ingredients do more than increase your size – it increases your overall health. The results of the actual medical research done on Vig RX have been published in the National Institute of Health (NIH). Even when compared to prescription drugs like Viagra, the results are amazing.

  • Neosize XL

neosize xl pillsNeosize XL is another male enhancement pill that has an impressive record of both increasing penis size and enhancing a man’s overall health. One of the factors that makes Neosize XL so effective is its ingredients dramatically improve blood flow to the inguinal area, producing harder erections. Many of the best male enhancement pills contain ingredients to make this happen, but Neosize XL does it better than the rest.

Whatever male enhancement pill you decide to try, remember that each of the formulas are unique, so the actual results you experience may not be the same for other men. Remember, every man’s body and health are uniquely different.


Male enhancement creams are also a solid alternative to penis enlargement surgery. One advantage of creams over pills is that they are applied directly to the penis, so there is little or no waiting time for the solution to digest or take effect. As they are absorbed directly into the skin, you can be ready for your partner in a few minutes rather than 20 minutes or longer. And there is no worrying about the potential for any adverse reaction to a cream or penis oil. However, it is recommended that you apply a small amount to a hidden area before using it directly on the penis.

The Best of the Choices

The good news is there are a number of choices to increase your penis size. Many men can improve both their sexual health and increase their penis size by using male enhancement pills or creams – or a combination of both! Though there are advantages to penile enlargement surgery, there are some serious risks that need to be considered, and the surgery does nothing to improve a man’s sexual or overall health.

One final note. Some men may be attracted to penis enhancement surgery because it is quick, medically safe, and the results can be immediately seen. For those men who can afford it, the decision should not be made hastily. You also have to add in stretching exercises and recovery time before being able to use your new tool. Male enhancement pills and alternatives are safer and you do not have to interrupt your current sexual lifestyle while they are taking effect.