Penis Pain: What You Should Know about It

Many men all over the globe ask themselves, “Why does my penis hurt?” But since this issue is very intimate and delicate, the men often underestimate or brush it under the carpet. However, it’s a mistake. Instead, you should arm yourself with knowledge and understand how to act if it happens that your manhood really aches.

Causes of Penis Pain after Sex

Most frequently, penis hurts after sex. And this is when the majority of men firstly pay attention to the existence of such a problem.

In this case, the possible manhood pain causes are as follows:

  • Prolongation of sexual intercourse
  • Extension of masturbation
  • Not enough lubrication
  • Uncareful oral sex
  • Circumcised penis

Pathological Conditions Causing Penis Pain

There is also a range of dangerous pathological conditions which may make your manhood aching:

  • Peyronie’s Disease. It’s actually a formation of scar tissue on the manhood. And it provokes pain.
  • Priapism. It’s a painful erection which lasts for many hours.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections. These infections are the most widespread causes of penis pain.
  • Balanitis. This infection spreads over the tip of penis and foreskin making them sore.
  • Injuries. Different kinds of injuries are a frequent reason for which the penis may ache.
  • Phimosis. This disorder implies inflammation or infection of foreskin.
  • Paraphimosis. This condition affects foreskin and leads to urinary incontinence and even death of penile tissues.
  • Cancer. Manhood soreness is one of the symptoms of this disease.

What to Do in Case of Penis Pain

Whether you have pain in penile shaft or tip of penis hurts, you should schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional without any delay. This will enable you to protect your health and even save your life. Only a healthcare practitioner can set an accurate diagnosis and assign an adequate therapy.

Penis Pain Treatment

If your penis hurts, your doctor may prescribe the following treatment methods depending on what exactly caused soreness:

  • Pharmaceutical therapy. Antifungal medications, antibiotics, and antiviral medications are often prescribed to combat manhood pain of infectious, fungal or viral origin.
  • Injections. They alleviate pain in men suffering from Peyronie’s disease.
  • Draining blood from the manhood. This procedure is effective for softening the penis when priapism occurs.
  • Steroid creams. It’s a worthy option for fighting phimosis.
  • Surgery. It may help ease the symptoms of cancer and Peyronie’s disease.

The Bottom Line

If you think, “My penis hurts but it’s nothing serious”, it’s a mistaken approach. Penis pain is a burning medical issue which should never be ignored.

If you don’t manage to determine and cure the true cause of penile pain, this may negatively affect both your overall health and sexual potency. Thus, unhealed pain may provoke spread of infection and cancer, sexual disabilities, bladder control problems, and gangrene. That’s why the doctor’s consultation is obligatory.