Penis Pumps – do they work, how to use, results, side effects

What is a penis pump

If you are wondering about the world of penis pumps and what they are good for, you have come to the right place. I am an experienced user in using penis vacuum pumps and can take you through some of the ins and outs of the device. While they all basically function the same, there are variations in equipment and design that will make a difference in seeing the final result you will be able to achieve.

penomet penis pump

A penis enlargement pump is simply a mechanical device that creates a vacuum to draw blood into your penis. Think of it as a very low suction vacuum cleaner that is safe to use. It is easy to set up and easy to use. It is not magic, but does require a certain amount of effort on your part to get the most benefit from the penis pumping.

Do penis pumps really work

do penis pumps workI have had many people ask me whether or not penis pumps actually work. Well, when I compare them to pills, creams, or other alternative methods of increasing length and girth, it is the most conservative and safest way to take the first steps in achieving you goal to a firmer penis. Because the dick pump will work on any man of any size, and is a mechanical device, there are no worries about unexpected side effects or waiting for promised results to become reality.

I think one question that every man who is considering using penis enlargement pumps needs to ask is what are their expectations from using the pump? I will discuss the specifics as we go along, but the most important thing to remember is that the cock pump is designed to maximize your personal potential. It will not make your penis any longer by adding physical size, but by maximizing the potential of your own body. Most men do not know what their maximum potential is, which is why the penis enlarger pump makes good, safe sense to try and realize what you are capable of.

How does a penis pump work/what does a penis pump do

how to use penis pumpI mentioned a second ago that the penis pumps work by creating a vacuum to draw blood into the penis. This is actually the way your body naturally works. The difference with the penile pump is that it does not require you to be sexually aroused to do its job. So let’s go through some of the basics on how a man goes from limp to hard and how that effects the operation of the penis pump.

  • You probably heard of nitrous oxide. That is what is known as laughing gas when you go to the dentist. Then there is nitric oxide, and is the hormone in your body necessary for an erection. It is not optional during a normal erection. What nitric oxide does is to increase the flow of blood into the penis, causing it to expand. Nitric oxide is an ingredient found in the most recent male enhancement pills, as they have discovered it is an essential part of increasing length and girth naturally.
  • But the nitric oxide is produced when a man gets sexually aroused. This is one of the reasons why young men often find themselves walking down the street with a hard on they cannot control. It is a chemical process and works every time in a normal male. Once the blood starts flowing into the penile area, it fills the cells of the penis with blood and naturally expands them. In fact, the cells themselves are elastic, so as the old saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.
  • In order to maximize the elastic properties of penile cells and tissue, there has to be a consistent flow of blood that increases the size of the individual cells so they reach their maximum elasticity. And here is where the medical penis pump comes into play. In the absence of nitric oxide, the vacuum action forces blood into the penis area and causes the cells to fill with blood. The idea is to do it consistently so when your body gets its sexual motor going, there is more than average room in the cells for blood to fill in. And with that extra room comes extra length and girth.

It really is pretty simple if you think about it. What a penis pump does is give you the opportunity to “fill ‘er up” even when you are not sexually aroused. But I can tell you from experience that you more likely than not find yourself sexually aroused when using a penis pump.

How to use a penis pump

Use a penis pump is really quite simple. It has several parts – a cylinder in which you place your penis, a rubber ring that is used to help create a seal between your body and the cylinder, and a pump head. Manually creating a vacuum by pumping the air out of the cylinder causes an increase in blood flow to the penis, and filling the individual cells with blood, causing then to expand.

You can properly use a penis pump just about anywhere (in private) but many men prefer to use it in the shower. It is a natural place to be naked, and because the pump is plastic and rubber there is nothing in the unit that can be damaged by water.

Penomet six simple steps

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How to choose best penis pump

penometWhile it seems every hydro pump is the same, make no mistake that there are differences in quality and result. From my own experience I have found that the best choice for long term results and seeing my personal goals met is the Penomet Hydropump. I actually prefer the Penomet because it is basic and simple and gets the job done. But you should check out all their models and find one that is right for you.

You need to look for quality materials and easy pump action as two of the most important qualities when buying a penis pump. Cheap plastic can easily crack if you drop it, and if the cylinder cracks you will lose considerable, if not all, of the vacuum created. Keep in mind that it is the vacuum that does the real work.

Pump head quality is also important because you shouldn’t have to be Penomet to pump yourself up. Well, not when it comes to moving towards your goal of a longer and thicker penis. One reason the Penomet gets so much press is because it has proven results of increasing your size between 1 and 3 inches with regular use.

Penis pump results

conclusionThe results any man gets when using a penis pump depends on a number of factors. One reason why I prefer the Penomet line is because they have a record of consistently increasing penile length by 1 to 3 inches. But beyond the quality of the equipment there are the issues of how regularly you use the pump, do you use the pump correctly (meaning pump it up as much as possible to expend your penile cell elasticity), and your general health. Remember that your body naturally will naturally get you hard without the pump, but if you have health problems that slow up or inhibit the circulation of the blood throughout your body your results may not be what you expected. So one of the most important keys to maximizing the benefits of a pump is to get and stay healthy.

But one thing is certain – you will be able to see the results ( before – after )of the penis pump immediately. Over time you will see improved length and girth without having to stick to a daily regimen and hope the result will be what you expected. An important point about the quality of the hydro penis pump head of the Penomet models is they are more than 250 percent efficient when compared to the standard air pumps.

When considering results, keep in mind that there are a number of ways to look at it. For example, if you have greater self confidence, that is a result and benefit to using the pump. If your body is being developed to its maximum potential (even if it is in only one area) that is another benefit and result. So when deciding whether to use a penis pump or when assessing the value of the one you buy, remember there are many ways that you can measure the results.

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Are penis pumps safe / side effects

are penis pumps safeIt was mentioned earlier that there are no side effects to using a penis pump when compared to male enhancement pills or creams. This is true and makes using a penis pump one of the safest ways to achieve male enhancement. It is remotely possible that you will pump too hard and you will find you burst a small vein or capillary, and it will appear as a bruise on your penis. Chalk it up to learning a lesson, and give the bruise a few days to heal up. Then you can return to normal pumping and avoid the extremes.

But there are men who combine using male enhancement pills in combination with the pump to maximize their potential even further. One reason is because of the ingredient nitric oxide in the pills which naturally helps increase the size. If you are considering using the combination, there are potential side effects that have nothing to do with using the penis pump. Remember that you are trying to maximize the amount of blood that can fill the penile cells, not make the cells any bigger. In other words, you can only work with what you have, so keep your expectations reasonable.

Where can you buy penis pump

where to buyIt is important to note that there are penis pumps designed for treating erectile dysfunction in men. These are for medical purposes only and do not serve the same purpose as a Penomet Hydropump. In fact, attempting to use a medical penis pump can result in permanent damage to your penis. That is why you should be sure to check out the Penomet web site as they are always looking out for your best interests.

Almost every penis pump can be bought online. Penomet pumps can be purchased by visiting official site. There are a variety of models and sizes for you to choose from. Feel free to check around, and when you are done comparing price, quality, and testimonials you can return to the Penomet site to order your favorite unit.

In the end, I have found my personal choice to be a very good one and I am able to achieve the results I was seeking. As I said in the beginning, it is not magic, but simply biology and how the man’s body works. A penis pump allows you to maximize the natural way your body works – with a little help from a friend.