Penis Enhancement Supplements: Yohimbine HCL

topbanner_02Male enhancement pills in a form of supplements are rather popular among those men, who seek to improve the sexual performance, and namely – to achieve harder erections, to make coitus last longer, and to enjoy mutual orgasms by both partners.

The effects produced by dietary supplements of this kind depend on the specific formulation, quality and quantity of their components.

What Is Yohimbe

One of the most popular and effective components used in male enhancement is yohimbine HCL. This aphrodisiac substance is a mild monoamine oxidase inhibitor having strong stimulating effects. Pure yohimbine is prescribed as a remedy to treat sexual dysfunctions. Proved to be very effective in bettering men’s sexual performance, this ingredient of supplements became popular among men worldwide.

Yohimbine HCL is produced from yohimbe, which is an evergreen tree growing in some areas of Africa – Cameroon, Gabon, and Zaire. The bark of yohimbe tree contains yohimbine, the chemical substance used to manufacture male enhancement supplements and similar products.

Yohimbe Medical Effects

Yohimbine is really effective in treating male problems. However, just like any other medicine, yohimbine-containing supplements should be taken with caution and regarding the dosage prescribed. Overdosing has been proved to cause headache, nausea, cramps, and vomiting. Men suffering from high blood pressure should use it especially careful and consult their physician first.

Yohimbine Has Double Action

  • The first way of action consists in enhancing sexual desire (libido) in persons who might have lost it as a result of mental factors (i.e., depression). Being a mild monoamine oxidase inhibitor, yohimbine can be used to treat mild depressions. When in depression, men can not achieve or maintain stable erection. Even the simplest sex is a problem in grave cases of depression.
  • The second way of action is more physical and related to the stimulating features of the stuff. Yohimbine boosts energy levels of the male organism. Without sufficient physical energy, no successful sexual intercourse is possible and premature ejaculation is more likely to occur.

These two healthy effects combined together in one stuff make yohimbine an extremely important component of male enhancement remedies. The patient should choose properly a supplement containing optimal quantity of the active ingredient for his specific case.

Yohimbe Improve Sexual Performance

A lot of studies were conducted by worldwide researchers to investigate effects produced by yohimbine HCL on quality of sexual function. These studies have revealed the following effects:

  • Blood flow increases, nerve impulses are better transmitted to the male genitals and the penis in particular. To achieve a hard erection and maintain it durably, three chambers of the penis must receive enough blood.
    If they do not receive sufficient blood flow, the penis is deprived of the necessary amount of oxygen. In this case, you can hardly expect a full and durable erection. This is why this particular effect of yohimbine is important not only for the erection, but also for the ejaculation and pleasure of both partners.
  • Yohimbine can also help to cope with negative effects caused by usage of antidepressants, which are proved to lower the sexual desire. But one should remember that yohimbine-containing male enhancement supplements are not recommended to be used along with antidepressants, as it may cause problems and side effects.

This is why in North America, for example, yohimbine HCL is regarded as a prescription medication to avoid negative effects when used without control. It is preferable to take this stuff for a short period of time under supervision of a physician. It is even more important for those having underlying diseases or taking other medications. If this is your case, please, consult your doctor prior to start using yohimbine-containing supplements. It’s not worth sacrificing your general health to your sexual desire.

If the doctor gives you no objections against usage of these supplements, you still need not to exceed the recommended dosage, frequency and period of consumption. It is also advisable to combine the dietary supplements with a general healthy lifestyle.