Penis Extender Review – results, using, pros and cons

pro extender systemMen want to have a larger penis length, yet have found that existing forms of mechanical penis extenders have not lived up to their promises. Some have sought out doctors to perform surgical procedures to achieve a similar or better result, but discovered the option requires both time and money, with their insurance company unwilling to cover the costs. Yet others have tried male enhancement pills that, like the mechanical tools, have failed to meet their expectations.
ProExtender – one if the best penis extenders – is the result of bringing the benefits of both the mechanical device and male pill together to maximize the potential for achieving your desired increase in penis length. Like the act of sex itself, it requires something to happen on the inside of your body and the outside to see the full effect and achieve the desired results. Combining the two approaches, penis enlargement devices and pills, only makes sense.

How to use penis extender

The regimen of ProExtender is amazingly simple, and takes only a few minutes of your time each day to see effective results over time. The first component of the ProExtender system is the physical device, which is attached on the penis. The purpose of the device is to physically stretch the penis at a level comfortable for you, then lock it in place with extender bars.

It is recommended that in order to achieve the best results, the device is first worn for 4 to 5 hours each day, then gradually increasing the time to 12 hours per day. Remember that you are changing a physical part of your body, and like a muscle, it takes time to increase its size to its maximum potential. You do not go from flab to fit in a single day.

The second, or internal, step is to take male enhancement pills – VigRX Plus or Neosize XL. Vig RX and Neosize XL are highly recommended as safe, effective, and natural way to help your body extend its potential. The supplements increase the amount of the blood flow to the genital area, as well as increase your libido and overall health.

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proextender system

Remember that the use of the pills is connected to your general health. Like the mechanical extender, it is not magic, but a system that is intended for you to use based on testing and research to achieve a result over a period of time.

Pro Extender system results

A number of studies and personal testimonies show that the results that can be expected from the ProExtender system is an increase of up to 30 percent of your existing penis size. To put it in real life numbers, the average 6 inch penis can become an 8 inch penis is about 6 months. In addition, users have reported an increase in girth and overall sexual performance as a result of using the mechanical device in conjunction with the male pills.

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proextender results

While the time spent following the recommended process may seem long to some men, the good news is that once you have achieved your desired result the increase in length is permanent. You may want to continue using Extenze or Neosize XL for your own benefit, but the mechanical device will have served its purpose and you can begin to return to a more normal – and active – lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of penis extender

Because of the dual approach that ProExtender uses, you can get the maximum benefit with the simplest approach to reach your realistic goal of an increased penis size. Some men may think that the time and inconvenience necessary to see the result is more than they are willing to invest. And that is OK. But for men who are committed to improving their size and sexual experience, it is a short time and minor inconvenience.

Not every man will see the maximum 30 percent increase because every man’s body is different and will not respond the same way to the process. This may leave some men disappointed, but there are no magic pills or devices. As was mentioned earlier, maximizing your penis size is much like maximizing your muscles – there are no shortcuts, and if any seem to exist it is likely they have the potential to have short and long term negative consequences that will cut your enjoyment considerably shorter.

Shipping worldwide

ProExtender enlargement system can be shipped around the world, to countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. There are currently some limitations placed on sales depending on what country you live in, so be sure to check with your country’s laws before placing an order. But once you find out that it is legal, you can go to the ProExtender web site and order it directly.


The simple fact is that some options work well for some men, while for others they do not achieve the desired result. Every man’s body is different, and may not respond the same way to any penis enlargement tool. And some men may be satisfied with the results they get without ever bothering to find out if they have reached their maximum potential.

ProExtender is not just another way of increasing penis size, it is designed for maximum internal and external results that you can be satisfied with permanently, like penis pumps. That means no more shopping around ever again. Plus, the ProExtender system is far cheaper and less risky than alternative forms of surgical procedures. It does not take long to discover the benefits and see the results of the system. If you want to look at it on a cost-benefit basis, the cost is almost nothing compared to the long term results that are possible.

PriceFrom 299$
Side effectsNo
First results1 week
Shipping worldwideYes
Money Back Guarantee6 months
Multilingual Site and SupportNo
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