Semenax Volume Pills Review – Ingredients, Side effects, Price

The two major areas of male sexual performance that concern many men are penis length and girth, and stamina. There are a number of competing products in these areas, and the reasons why they are important to men are obvious.

What are volume pills Semenax

semenax volume pills

For most men, the amount of semen produced by your body naturally decreases with age. There are several other factors that can affect your semen production at any age – your general health and diet are two of the most common. Even if you are completely healthy, there are advantages to using volume pills that will increase your personal sexual satisfaction.

Semenax does not increase the number of sperm your body produces, but instead increases the seminal volume, the fluid that contains the sperm during ejaculation. What you need to understand about the importance of seminal fluid volume is easily illustrated by a common medical problem either you or someone you know has encountered.

When a person has low blood pressure for whatever reason, they feel tired, weak, and sometimes dizzy or disoriented. If you have experienced this you know exactly what it feels like. The medical “prescription” in most cases is simply drinking water. Why? Because it increases the volume of the blood in your body. In laymen’s terms, it does not create more blood but expands the amount of space your blood takes up in your body.

This basic idea applies to semen volume. The greater the volume, the stronger your orgasms will be.

How does Semenax volume pill work

semenax pills

Semenax is a pill that will work to increase the seminal fluid volume in your body. While Neosize XL may help to improve your performance at the beginning and get you to the finish line, finishing strong is what Semenax is all about.

To help you better understand how Semenax increase sperm volume pills work, a couple of simple sexual function connections need to be made.

Remember the blood pressure example? What would happen if your volume gets low? Right. You feel tired, and if your pressure gets too low you will completely stop moving. When it comes to seminal fluid volume, once you use up all your available fluid your orgasm stops. The group of muscles that control ejaculation – the ones around the penis, the perineum, and the anal sphincter among others – all need to be working together and will stop working once your body is drained of seminal fluid. That means the end of your maximum pleasure point.

Now ask yourself if you want your fire hose connected to a garden hose spigot or a fire hydrant.

Semenax sperm pills ingredients 

The ingredients in Semenax are what provide you with the maximum ejaculate volume. There are two basic groups of ingredients, but they are all equally necessary in the special formulation to maximize your body’s potential.

The first group are the more common ingredients you have heard of, and many are found in male enhancement and stamina products:

  • Vitamin E
  • pumpkin seed
  • zinc oxide
  • sarsaparilla
  • cranberry extract
  • L-arginine
  • L-lysine

L-arginine and L-lysine are two ingredients you will be familiar with if you use male enhancement products or are a gym rat or body builder. L-arginine is famous for increasing your HGH levels, while L-lysine is not naturally produced by your body, so supplements are essential for male sexual health.

In the second group are ingredients that directly affect seminal fluid volume.

  • Swedish Flower1– Popular in the alternative health community, this ingredient has a long track record of increasing male virility and helping to positively affect an enlarged prostate. Remember that the prostate gland is one of the body parts that work together with the other muscles to create an orgasm.
  • Horny Goat Weed2 – This is the more common name for Epimedium sagittatum. It has a storied reputation as an aphrodisiac and its biological effect is to increase the blood flow to your penis, while also increasing the level of nitric oxide in your system. These are added benefits in Semenax.
  • Maca3 – This ingredient has an actual scientific study supporting its benefits. A study conducted in the year 2000 resulted in patients having twice as much sexual activity than before taking controlled amounts of Maca in a laboratory setting.
  • Muira Puama4 – It is said that 90 percent of sex is in the mind, and Muira Puama has gained a reputation of improving your mental performance as well as acting as an aphrodisiac.

As you can see, there is more to Semenax volume pills than just increasing your seminal fluid volume. It is formulated to give you an overall boost to your male sexual health. This is not the complete list of ingredients. Visit the Semenax website for a complete list of ingredients and the detailed descriptions.

Semenax Side Effects

side effects There have been no reported negative side effects with the short term or long term use of Semenax. The selected ingredients have a proven history of being safe and effective for many men throughout the years.

However, as with any formula that is a combination of different ingredients, there are potential side effects that may be experienced immediately after using it or occur over a period of time. This is because everyone’s biology is different, so it is important that you research Semenax for yourself to determine if there are any potential side effects you may encounter. For men with medical conditions, consult with your local health care provider before using Semenax.

Where to buy semen pills Semenax

shipping worldwide

Now that you know what Semenax can do for you, you need to know where you can place an order and your delivery options.

You can go to the Semenax website to get the complete product information and order directly through the website. You can also order by mail or by fax. Your order will arrive at your location in a plain brown wrapper, and your credit card will list the company as “Leminternet” when charged to your card to ensure your complete privacy.

Semenax can be shipped internationally to many countries, including Canada and the U.K. There are several delivery options available, including postal delivery and UPS. Overnight shipping is available.

Semenax Price

The price for a single bottle of Semenax is $59.95 from the website. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of a 60 day supply to ensure you give the product enough time to reach its maximum effectiveness. (See the guarantees below.) A 60 day supply is only $109.95, a savings of $10 from the 30 day supply size.

Additional volume discounts are available, and occasionally there will be first time buyer discounts available at checkout. You can purchase a one year supply at a significant discount of almost 50 percent, and volume packages have bonus products at no extra cost.



After receiving your order, you can try Semenax increase ejaculate volume pills free for a period of 60 days to determine if it is the right product for you. If you request a refund, you will need to send the 2 empty bottles along with any additional Semenax you purchased for a full refund. No questions asked. Other than the 2 empty bottles, all bottles returned for a refund must be unopened. The company will give you a complete refund of your purchase, minus any shipping and handling charges.

How to level up energy safely?

Hard exercises are always complex for our body. To overcome these difficulties, people use different ways. One of them is taking the performance enhancers. They are very different. It can be either an energetic drink or an illegal substance.

All the substances that are taken by people are called «supplements». They include vitamins, different herbs and other things. In spite of the fact, that their aim is to enlarge energy in the body, scientist claim that they can be dangerous or don’t even produce any effect. But some of them are really safe.

Things to take with less risk

Among all the things that people use to boost their performance, there are some that have no side effects.

  1. Hydroxymethylbutyrate;
  2. Conjugated linoleic acid;
  3. Carnitine;
  4. Chromium;
  5. Creatine.

All these substances are considered to be safe for taking by people. The first in the list helps people boost muscles and reduce risks of muscle breakdown. The dose of 3 grams is supposed to be safe for people.

CLA is stated the second in the list and is actively used by sportsmen. It is a way-out for those who want to avoid damages at training and increase body mass. This substance is popular with bodybuilders. But it has some disadvantages to using it. They can be bad for health.

Carnitine is almost unknown for professors. They don’t prove its enhancing effect, but people still use it. Overdosing can cause vomiting, problems with stomach and diarrhoea.

Chromium is an essential substance that can increase muscles, and help overcome the energetic loss. As for enhancing performance it is not proved to be true. Overtaking is also dangerous for people, as it can cause some diseases and deviations.

Creatine is the most indefinite substance among all. It is used to release energy. This thing is produced by medicals and sold freely. But bad effects are also possible. They are connected with overweighting and stomach problems.

Dangerous energetic substances

In this group, the most widespread things are steroids and anabolic. They are illegal. The side effects can lead even to death. Dehydroepiandrosterone is the most widespread steroid among humans. But it doesn’t alter the fact that it can lead to a fatal consequence.

Diuretics are a popular substance for those who want to increase liquid level in the body. It is popular among sportsmen who hope to clear the body after taking illegal substances. The result of using it can be terrible, such as cramping, blood pressure drops and so on.

Blood doping is used to enlarge the number of red cells in the blood. It lets carry oxygen to organs. It levels up the stamina. It is a popular way for sportsmen, though it is dangerous and illegal. The most well-known case of blood-doping is connected with American cyclist.

Ephedrine is a kind of stimulator. It works like adrenaline in the body. It is dangerous for a human’s heart. The result of taking it can be a heart attack.

Human growth hormone is mainly used for children. It has been worked out to prevent growth problems. It helps cells regenerate and produce new ones.

As a result, a lot of supplements can be dangerous. The right training and good diets are better than synthetic things.