Talking About Sex with Your Partner

Sex is the activity where two parties are involved. Today, young people tend to find a partner easier than a couple of decades ago. Still, when it comes to discussing this topic, certain psychological barriers persist. We usually struggle to talk without embarrassment on the subject even with our beloved ones. Common points of taboo include what we want in sex and what sex fantasies we have.
On the other hand, talking about sex is a major part of good intimate relations between two partners. The ability to tell about what you expect from sex and to apprehend what your partner expects is a valuable skill to be acquired. Any attempts to avoid this topic result in inferior intimacy experience and lack of trust. And vice versa, discussing sex frankly only boosts your mutual desire and brings more pronounced emotions and extra mental benefits.

What We Should Talk About

Generally, there are several topics that partners should discuss in respect of their intimate relations, such as:

  • The desired frequency of sex;
  • Sex fantasies of each party expected to be implemented;
  • Exploring unknown aspects of sex;
  • Birth control methods and sexual health – read more;
  • Dealing with discrepancies between the partners in respect to what they believe enjoyable;
    and more.

If you are able to discuss the above subjects with your partner easily, you have a really intimate relationship, which is further reinforced by your mutual willingness to share your own experiences and know more about those of your beloved one.
Such uncomfortable topics as birth control and sexually transmitted infections should not be neglected too, as they are a real-world aspect of sexual life. Avoiding them is often a clear risk factor. Being aware of your own sexual health condition and that of your partner promotes easing anxieties and relaxation during intimacy.

How to Initiate a Conversation

Starting a conversation is the hardest part of talking about sex. If you or your partner (or both) are not willing to start discussing the abovementioned points right away, consider using certain easing techniques to facilitate the process.
Sometimes, people just struggle to find adequate words to describe things or their desires. While terms matter, remember that you and your partner share the same goals in bed, so just stay discreet and speak out what you want to say. Erotic and porno movies provide a good remedy to resolve this kind of discomfort. Start with watching a movie and then proceed to exchanging your opinions and desires followed by erotic stimulation. Ask your partner if they would like to try the things on the screen.
Talking with the spirit of openness and curiosity rather than judgment allows defining common goals and moving towards them together.

When to Talk About Sex

When you start talking about sex is as important as what you say. Such a conversation initiated after sex may be perceived as criticism. So it is advisable to discuss what you want beforehand. Such an approach opens up vast opportunities to experiment and test what has been discussed. Feel free to talk about sex not only when you are in bed. Accustomed to this kind of discussions, you will tackle the issues easier as and when necessary. Remember that respect is the key communication principle in this situation.