Male Penis Extender

It is about 40 years ago, that penis extenders had been invented. The reason why they appeared was an attempt to treat the so called Peyronie’s disease, when the penis has a curved shape.
Though looking clumsy, the first model of the penis extender still allowed to cope with the problem. After some experience of extenders’ application had been amassed, physicians noticed an unexpected side effect – the application of the technique resulted in increase of the patient’s penis size.
As time went on, the purpose of application of penis extenders began to change. The device was (and still is) primarily used to make the male organ a bit longer. There is nothing strange in it. The above-mentioned effect is possible due to the natural structure of the penis.

Proextender System

The operating principle of a penis extender is quite simple. The device elongates the penis by pulling it away from the body. To reach the desired effect the traction should be applied continuously. Though it may sound and look awful, it works.
The construction consists of a ring (to put the penis through it), a rubber cap (to hold the penis head) and two rods (to create and maintain the traction force). The cap is provided with a screw locking mechanism that retains the penis head from shrinking back to its flabby state.
Thus, the extension process performed by means of the device of the type has nothing to do with erection at this stage. The traction force is the key factor of the procedure of penis enlargement.

Two rods create and continuously maintain stretching influence on the male organ. The result of this effort applied for a long period of time will be that the penis increases in size.

Why is it possible?

The penis, just like any other part of a human body, consists of cells. The biological mechanism of any living organism provides for continuous division and reproduction of cells.
When the penis is outstretched in one direction, the form of cells of the flesh is oblong under the action of the force. As cells divide constantly, they do it more readily in the direction of the effort applied. The tissue grows primarily longitudinally and the penis becomes longer.
The thickness of the organ can also be increased by means of the procedure, though usually this is not the purpose to be achieved.
To obtain a good result one has to use the extender on a regular basis.
Another stretching influence that an extender has on the penis is not so obvious. However, the fact is, that when the penis is continuously under the lengthwise pressure, it is stretched from the bulk, that is the inner part of it is revealed from the pubic bone, while ligaments are stretched as well.
By so means, the concealed part of the penis goes outside and adds to its visual length.


When applied on a regular basis, the penis extender can help you achieve the result you strive – your penis will be longer. The extent of the success will vary depending on a number of factors, including genetics, organization of the body etc.
And the regularity of implementation is obligatory, of course. The desired effect cannot be achieved after a couple days or even a couple weeks. It will take several months for the effect of a proper use of the device to become obvious.
Some precautions on safety should be mentioned. Penis is a tender organ and any negligent handling can seriously harm it. That is why, prior to rush into an intense application, it is strongly advisable to read all the relevant instructions, especially those concerning safety.