6 useful exercises to increase penis size

  • Jelqing – this is a simple exercise. When your penis is partially erect, grasp the shaft with your thumb and index and stroke it up toward the glans. The operating principle of Jelqing is a bit similar to that of a penis extender. More so, the manipulation stimulates more fresh blood to penetrate into the cavernous body of the penis, and it has good influence of itself.
  • Stretching is another simple exercise that could be advised for those intending to make their penis longer. The operating principle is widely known from pictures of some tribal’s women implementing rings to make their neck longer. It’s about the same with the penis. There are also more sophisticated techniques of this exercise.
  • Penis Pumps –this is a mechanical type of exercise. There are several techniques to perform it, though the main principles of this exercise are the same. Penis pump is performed with a glass or plastic cylinder connected to an electric or manual pump. The cylinder is placed over the penis tight to the body, and the pump creates a rarefaction of air inside it. Due to common physical laws, if the lower pressure occurs, cavernous body of the penis expands and receives more blood. Types of pumps may differ, but the operating principle remains.
  • Penis Extender – this is a very popular device used to make the penis longer, and a rather effective one as well. The device is designed to stretch the shaft of the penis in its normal condition away from the body. When applied over a long period of time, the traction force can result in growing the male organ. There are numerous models of penis extenders on the market.
  • Penis Hanger is another easy exercise to stretch penis. The method complies with its name. The device allows to attach a weight to the penis. While hanging, it stretches the organ, causing no troubles and discomfort. The experience of usage of penis hangers shows excellent result achieved. There are a lot of models available on the market nowadays.
  • Kegels – this is an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, in which the levator muscles are trained. It is mainly used to treat urinary incontinence and is not directly intended to natural male enlargement. However, due to improving blood flow in that area, it also favourably influences the penis and makes erections better.