Penis Oil Vig RX – Why Is It The Best For Male Enhancement

VigRXOilFor years there has been an avalanche of male enhancement pills that have flooded the market, advertising to increase the size of a man’s penis, maintain an erection, and increase a man’s sexual desire. The list of ingredients vary from one manufacturer to another, and the pills have had a range of results reported, everything from “epic fail” to “the best thing since the invention of sex.”

Now the next phase in male enhancement has arrived that eliminates the need for a once or twice a day Neosize xl pill regimen. Instead of putting it inside your body, it is applied directly to the most important organ – your penis. The product is Vigrx Oil. And this new generation of male enhancement creams and oils deserves a closer look.

What is Vigrx Penis Oil?

vigrx oilAs the product’s name states, it is an oil you apply directly to your penis to get the same results you get from taking male enhancement pills. Some commonly refer to it as the way to an instant erection. A major advantage is that the ingredients are 100 percent natural, so there are almost zero side effects and completely healthy for your body. You benefit, your body benefits, and your partner benefits all from a single application of penis oil.

Vig RX Oil Ingredients

First, let’s look at its major ingredients and how they work to give you the erection and sexual desire you thought was long lost.vigrx oil ingredients

Epimedium Leaf

Believe it or not, this ingredient is used in the major prescription brands of erectile dysfunction products. Since the discovery of the benefits this plant has, there is beginning to be a concern that there will be a shortage of this ingredient in the coming years. That speaks enough to the effectiveness of this ingredient.

Cuscuta Seed

We said there are health benefits to Vigrx sex oils beyond sexual, and this is just one of those ingredients. Another plant native to China, Cuscuta Seed1 has been found to have significant antioxidant properties. The subject and benefits of antioxidants to the human body has been around for decades, and there is little dispute of the research.

Muira Pauma

Brazil and its surrounding areas are the source of this herb that has attracted the interest of serious scientific research. Also known as Potency Wood (an appropriate name!) it is commonly used to enhance the level of sexual desire in men.

Catuaba Bark

There must be something to Brazilian and South American tree herbs, as Catuaba Bark has been used for centuries by the Tubi Tribe – a native Brazilian tribe – as an aphrodisiac. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients to enhance male sexual desire in the majority of male enhancement oils for sex used around the world. If you are a stranger to male enhancement products, Catuaba Bark is2 one you will find in the highest quality natural products due to its widely known positive effects on the male libido.

Hawthorne Berry

This is another ingredient in Vigrx Oil that has proven health benefits for your entire body. The general benefits apply to your entire circulatory system, including your heart. In Europe it is commonly used to help patients who have had various stages of early heart disease. When it comes to getting an erection and maintaining it, one of the major factors is maximizing the circulation to the penis, and that is where Hawthorne Berry has a direct benefit.

There is even better news about the list of ingredients found in erection oil Vigrx. You can find information about each of these ingredients from a wide variety of sources, including scientific journals, medical web sites, natural and herbal manufacturers, and a number of male enhancement product web sites. Check out the list of ingredients for yourself and learn more about how the right combination can change your sex life.

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Results Of Penis Oil Vs Male Enhancement Pills

vigrx oil resultsNow that we listed the ingredients, and many of them are found in the best male enhancement pills, the question to be answered is what are the specific benefits for using best oil for penis Vigrx over the standard, and popular, male enhancement pills?

For one, convenience. There is no daily regimen to take because of the fast acting nature of Vigrx Oil. You use it when you are ready without any waiting time or preparation.

The most obvious benefit of best penis enhancement oil Vigrx is that you put it directly on your penis to be absorbed into the skin and thus produces faster results when compared to the standard male enhancement pills. Think minutes rather than hours.

When using any oil or penis cream, the issue of stickiness and sloppiness comes to mind. Vigrx Oil is totally non-sticky and if you are a man who prefers to stay safe and use a condom, Vigrx Oil will not interfere with the normal use of a condom. That means it is good for both you and your partner.

Speaking of your partner, there is mounting evidence that your use of Vigrx Oil will also stimulate your partner as well. That translates into bringing an enhanced sexual experience for both of you. If you explore the area of oral sex, Vigrx Oil is safe to use because of its natural ingredients, so those who say that an oil can limit your sexual experience when compared to pills, you can tell them the truth about male enhancement oil.

Oh, it needs to be mentioned that the effects of Vigrx Oil can be enhanced when used in combination with a high quality male enhancement pill such as Vigrx Plus. The two combine to boost the benefits of both and because both are all natural, there is no need to worry about complicated side effects.

How To Use Natural Penis Oils For Sex?

vigrx oil how to useThe rising question is how does Vigrx Oil work? There is no magic or secret to how Vigrx Oil works, but you do have to take care of some basic procedures to get the maximum use of the product.

  • First, apply the penis enhancement oil to a small part of your penis as a test area. This is a common step in almost every oil whether it is an over the counter oil or prescription oil. Every body is different, and no one can honestly say that using any product, no matter how much it is tested, can be guaranteed to have the exact same effect on everyone. But remember that the ingredients are 100 percent natural, and there has never been any reported side effect from using Vigrx Oil.
  • Second, do not use penis oils if you have any open wounds or areas of your penis that are not completely wound free and disease free. This is common sense. Vigrx Oil is not intended to be used for medicinal purposes. In fact, Vigrx Oil is used to enhance your body’s natural processes, which is one reason using Vigrx Plus male enhancement pills is an opportunity to increase its overall effectiveness.

Once you have applied the oil to the test area and there are no problems, then you can apply it freely to your entire genital area. As a confidence booster, before using it with your partner you should use it privately and massage to determine its personal effectiveness.

Without getting technical, oil for penis erection works because it uses a process known as the German Transdermal Treatment System: “We know what many of you are mainly concerned with is the fact that it works, so we will keep this short”.

The laymen’s view of this medical process is that instead of using needles to get the drug into the body (ouch!) the drug is combined with another substance that helps the drug get absorbed into a specific area of the body. In this case, it is the penis. Pills can lose some of their potency and effectiveness when traveling through the body (that is obvious) so using an oil that is directly absorbed is the most direct path.

So, the effective ingredients contained in erection oils get to where they are intended to go using the fastest route. Though the product is described as an oil, the active ingredients are all water-based and are delivered to the area faster. The oil is used to help “keep things together” and open up the penile tissue for the active ingredients to be completely absorbed.

Vigrx Penis Oil Prices

Vig RX packagePriceGift
1 month49.95$No gift
3 months109.85$25$ discount card
6 months209.80$
  • Semenax semen volume enhancer
  • 25$ discount card
  • free express shipping (USA)
1 year399.95$
  • Semenax semen volume enhancer
  • 25$ discount card
  • free express shipping (USA)

That’s right. Vigrx Oil comes in a number of different sized packages and prices in order to give you the opportunity to save a little or a lot, depending on how often you choose to use it. In this case, the more confident you are about Vigrx Oil as a male enhancement product, the more money you can save. Plus the makers of erection oil have added a few bonus products for buyers of long term supplies.

The base price for a one month supply is $49.95.  You can double your savings to $40 with a 3 month supply. But none of these offers any bonus with your purchase.

When you commit to a 6 month supply you start receiving the free bonuses. Not only do you reach a savings of $60 but the company includes a bottle of Semenax with your order.

Shipping Worldwide

shipping worldwideBut distribution and shipping of Vigrx Oil is not just limited to the United States. In fact, the product is ready to be shipped worldwide to major countries such as Canada, the U.K., and Australia. If you want your package delivered faster, there are several international shipping services you can choose from for a bit of an extra charge.


In the end, what do you have to lose by taking the next step and trying Vigrx Oil? They offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and you have the opportunity to enter a world as one of the early entrants into the world of male enhancement. While your friends are still dicking around with their pills – and waiting – you will be enjoying all the benefits of Vigrx Oil.