What are Jelqing Exercises and Techniques? Side effects and risks.

Today there are a number of ways men can achieve penis enlargement. The most widely advertised methods are using pill supplements and external creams that improve circulation to the penis by expanding the veins and arteries in the genital area. Medical research has produced varying results for any of the methods.

However, a natural method for increasing the length and girth of your penis is now becoming known and making its rounds through the Internet. The concept is known as penis jelqing and after reading about it you may find it is a solid alternative to the pills and creams that have gained the most attention from men seeking to increase the size of their penis.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing method is a penis enlargement exercise that uses the same basic approach to penis enlargement as many pills, creams, and pumps do – increase the blood flow to the penis. The biggest difference is that jelquing is 100 percent natural without the need to buy pills or pumps. In fact, it is an exercise, which means it is good for your member and overall health.

What jelqing does is to force blood to the tip of your penis by using a series of finger and hand motions for short periods of time. Like any exercise, it needs to be done routinely to have any significant effect and must be done the right way. For example, if you go to a gym and lift weights once a month and do not use the proper technique, you will likely see no results and risk doing some damage to your muscles.

Jelqing Exercises and Jelqing Techniques


There are several variations on the basic idea of jelqing. In general, you will use your thumb and forefinger to form a circle, just like you were letting someone know something is “OK.” You then squeeze with a moderate amount of pressure (don’t overdo it!) and move the circle upward towards the tip of your penis. Repeat this basic process for between 5 and 20 minutes every day, 5 days a week. (You will likely want to take the weekends off.)

Those are the basics. If it looks and sounds similar to masturbation, you are not far off. That is one of the reasons some people are calling it a “natural” form of penis enlargement.

There are a number of things you must do in order to safely jelq and get the greatest result in the least amount of time. Remember that, like any muscle, it takes time and technique to develop. So be patient.

To properly jelq you will need to properly prepare your penis. This includes lubricating it with gels such as Astroglide or you can use common over the counter baby oil. Once lubricated, you need to get your penis semi-erect. Not too hard and not too soft – just right.

Some recommend wrapping your penis in a warm towel before and after jelquing technique to get the best results to heal the skin.

Begin with your “OK” grip at the base of the penis and move up towards your tip in a single motion that should last only 2 to 3 seconds. Each upward motion is one jelq. At the top of the motion, release your grip and switch over to the other hand.

Jelqing Side Effects

As a natural exercise there should not be any side effects. When done correctly, jelqing has no negative side effects and isn’t danger . But the correct preparation must be done. Think of one side effect as “rubbing yourself raw.” OK, you get the point.

There are medical reports that say that penis jelqing can lead to scar formation and tearing of blood vessels. As stated earlier, the approach to jelqing is similar to building up any muscle in your body. There is a breaking down and building up of the penis “muscle” so there is the risk of damage if not done correctly.

Is Jelqing Permanent?

One of the most common questions asked abuot jelqing is whether the results are permanent. Many men report the answer is an enthusiastic “yes” because, like muscle building, it takes time to see the result but once you are there all you have to do is keep it toned. The basis of penis enlargement – increasing the blood supply to the penis – is done naturally and permanently through jelqing.

Dangers of Jelqing

Dangers of jelqing need to be separated from side effects that result from improper technique. Proper technique is essential, including the use of lubricants and not exceeding the jelqing times. However, there have been reports where men have said they have lost a certain amount of sensitivity or even disfigured their penis through the jelqing technique. One of the most common mistakes that result in longer tem damage is jelqing with an erect penis.


Overall, especially when compared to alternative penis enlargement methods, jelqing is the safest and most natural of penis enlargement solutions. If done properly and patiently, the benefits outweigh any risk of side effects or dangers. Reports have shown increases of up to 2 inches in length and one half inch in girth. The one thing to remember is that penis jelqing is an exercise and establishing a routine is very important. Do not try to too much too soon, and you will see that regular exercise pays off.

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